Lip injections or lip fillers are trending on top out of the many options of Dubai plastic surgery. In terms of facial procedures, lip fillers are the most popular ones. Even in the young women lot. If you have been meaning to get fuller and plump pout and haven’t yet due to the myths that circulate around the procedure, this article is for you. When you are presented with the actual facts and benefits, you are in a better position to make an informed decision:

Lip Filler In Dubai

Lip fillers contain collagen or Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  HA is used the most in lip filler. These substances make the lips appear plump. HA retains water in the lips that allow the mouth to appear natural. Moreover, this occurs naturally in the body that helps the lips in increasing volume while adding structure and shape to them.

Popular Lip Filler Myths

Let’s debunk some popular myths that have been keeping you from getting your desired lips:

Myth # 1: Fillers Deflate and Stretch Lips

There is no scientific backing to this. There is no evidence to back this statement.  It is a misunderstanding that as lips become plump due to fillers, they must involve stretching. However, that is not true. As said earlier, hyaluronic acid is used in lip fillers and our body produces it naturally for joint and muscle lubrication. Injecting HA in the lips stimulates collagen synthesis in that area.

Collagen keeps our skin elastic and smooth. Since HA increases collagen production, it thickens the dermis layer of the lip. Even when the acid stops working, there is no wrinkling. Your lips will be smooth and plump once the initial effects wear off.

Myth # 2: Lip Fillers Need Refilling Constantly

There are misconceptions that lip fillers need constant refilling and that once you get it done, it is not long-lasting. Nowadays, you have plenty of options for lip filler in Dubai. You can consult your cosmetic surgeon about the options that work out the best for you. Modern HA fillers can last up to 18 months. The exact length of time relies on how the body synthesizes the acid.

Myth # 3: Lip Fillers Are Irreversible

Again, false. If you are not satisfied or did not like the final outcome of the procedure, you can get your old lips back. If you don’t want to wait for the acid’s natural synthetization in the body, there is a counter injection – hyaluronidase that improves the absorption process. Your doctor shall inject it and your lips will be back to their original state a lot sooner.

Myth # 4: Lip Injections Lead to Cold Sores & Scarring

The injection is administered using a single-use needle that is in a pre-sealed and sterile package. Cold sores are the result of a virus that resides in the body. If you don’t have a history of a cold sore, lip injection cannot lead to their development. Also, there haven’t been any reported cases of scarring either.

However, having a history of cold sores could lead to a cold sore forming on the injection site. This can happen because of how the body reacts to the needle. You must mention it to your doctor if you have a history of cold sores. They might prescribe you an antiviral medication before the procedure to lessen the chances of developing a cold sore.

Myth # 5: Lip Injections Limit Your Facial Expressions

This is not true. Lip fillers do not reduce or take away your ability to make facial expressions. A procedure done correctly will be hardly noticeable. They do not make a giant change in the size and increase lip fullness. Also, lip injection that is done correctly does not make you limited in making any facial expressions. Cases of bad botox surgeries have led many to think that case is going to be the same with lip fillers. You are not going to feel unnatural after a lip injection. Only your lips are going to be a little fuller after the procedure.

Myth # 6: Fillers Can Work on Any Part of the Body

NOT. This is the kind of belief that leads to botched procedures. You should know that there are many types of fillers, and all of them work differently in different areas of the body. Also, the idea that you don’t need an experienced professional is wrong. The person administering any cosmetic procedure, whether it is a tummy tuck or a lip filler should be a licensed professional. They have special training and experience in performing such procedures.

That’s it. If any of these myths had been keeping you from getting a tummy tuck, it’s time you stop paying heed to them after reading this article!



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