Kitchen renovation is now an easy task for every one. Your kitchen will like a boring blank page without colors. So you have to add some colors to your kitchen to make it more appealing and attractive of your home. However, you need to understand which color will perfect for your kitchen because there are an infinite number of shades and tones.

You have to use the right colors for your kitchen walls and cabinetry that matches the rest of your house. However, you need to understand that the kitchen color scheme must be at the top of your renovation project. Here in this article, we take a closer look at how to play with colors correctly in the kitchen renovation Toronto project.

1. Wall colors

Most of the homeowners overlook the kitchen walls while having an overall color scheme. But you need to understand that kitchen plays a vital role in setting your mood. Color can change an entire the amibiance of a kitchen. So, if you paint your kitchen with a sober and eye candy color, it will look gorgeous.

However, mostly, the walls get covered with cabinets, shelvings, and backlashes. So a small piece of wall is visible to others. That is why we overlook the walls.

But you need to understand that this small piece of the wall can get notified if you use the wrong shade. So that is why you have to use the right colors that match the flooring and cabinets.

You can choose light colors like off-white, cream, or dove grey to create a brighter kitchen space. Moreover, you can use vibrant colors on the kitchen walls, but make sure to use subtle shades on floors and cabinets.

2. Flooring colors

The flooring colors in the rest of your house will determine the color of your kitchen floors. Because it is vital to use colors in your kitchen flooring that matches with rest of your home.

However, it is uneasy about choosing the perfect color for your kitchen flooring. You need to understand that the color you will choose for your kitchen flooring must coordinate well with other elements.

Firstly, you have to choose the material for your floors, such as hardwood, tiles or laminate. You can use contrasting colors to shape your kitchen.

Moreover, you can use the combination of classic white cabinets and lighter or darker countertops with wood and laminate flooring.

3. Cabinet colors

While choosing a kitchen color scheme for your kitchen renovation Toronto, the cabinet shades must be your first consideration.

However, the cabinets are the first thing to look at in the kitchen because they consume half of your kitchen’s visual space. So it is vital to choose the right colors for your cabinets.

However, make sure to select cabinet colors that fit your personality and coordinate well with other elements.

4. Appliances colors

In this modern world, everyone are going for built-in appliances. However, you have to choose devices that match the color of your cabinets.

You need to understand that your fridge and dishwasher will significantly impact your kitchen color scheme. Make sure to select the colors that coordinate well with the cabinet color scheme.

However, stainless steel appliances will work better with the brown, vibrant, and light grey cabinetry.

5. Countertops

A perfect kitchen countertop is the most vital part of your kitchen color scheme. You have to choose a countertop that is close to your eye-level.

However, if your countertop does not match with cabinets, it will ruin your kitchen’s visual harmony. Firstly, you have to consider the colors of your kitchen flooring color while selecting your countertops.

Make sure to choose the right color coordination to get the best countertop for your kitchen.

6. Hardware colors

Installing hardware like cabinet handles, taps, and lighting is the last thing you will do in the kitchen renovation Toronto project. But it will be the most vital part, like putting a cherry on the cake.

However, there is no particular rule for selecting the hardware colors. But choosing the right hardware colors will create a fully-planned kitchen space and make your kitchen outstanding to your guest and relatives.

However, you have to stick with the style of the hardware while choosing the kitchen color schemes. Make sure to use only one type of hardware in whole the kitchen to create a streamlined look.

So choose the hardware colors that coordinate well with cabinets and other metal elements.

Wrapping up

So here are some best ways to play with colors in your kitchen renovation Toronto task. However, creating a perfect and flawless kitchen color scheme will end you with a beautiful and cohesive space. Hope this article will help you to get some important tips while you are going to renovate your kitchen by yourself or by a professional renovation agencies.


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