Planning the Best Camino Adventure

Chipping away at your bucket list can be a challenging task. When you get to the Camino de Santiago on your bucket list, you will want to have all the information you need to make a solid plan to keep you on your feet every day. You will want to formulate the perfect plan including the proper stops along the way.

We are talking primarily about the Camino Frances which is the most popular Camino route and has the most to offer if you want the traditional experience.

There are other popular routes like the Northern primitive route, but these have fewer resources available, and fewer people are interested in walking that path for their first Camino. Let’s assume that this is your first Camino meaning that you have never walked to Santiago de Compostela prior to this trip.

Planning the Best Camino Adventure


you will need to begin your planning by understanding where to start and what stops along the way are ideal for you. There are many factors including cost, location, private rooms, typical stops, rest days, and other things that impact your planning decision.

Many people spend more than 100 hours trying to plan their trips based on their preferred style.

If you want to get a perfectly curated plan, you should check out the Camino de Santiago book online book store which has a customized planning PDF version of a guide that is created based on your criteria.

There is a short quiz trying to decide the level of comfort, rest days, budget, gear, and physical ability where it will output the ideal trip fully planned. Since this is a complicated process, there is a cost associated which is about the cost of a few planning and guide books.

Overall, you can pay less than 50 dollars and get a personalized planning guide based on your preferences.

It’s a fantastic solution rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a travel agency or pilgrimage agency. This tool plans the entire trip while giving you incredibly useful information on the occupancy, reservation rules, distances, sacred sites to check out, local customs, and very unique information to you.

You will get to the point where you need to purchase gear, and the same online resource for el Camino has gear tips and tricks to identify the ideal packing list. It also has a ton of books about the Camino de Santiago which are loaded with information and motivation. As you prepare for your journey, you can read about the lives and stories of other pilgrims who took the way of Saint James.

They will sometimes be less about individual sites along the way, but it will have pilgrim stories that may help you understand why they decided to hike the Camino de Santiago. You can learn from the lives of other people and how you can accept their story as their own Camino. As you walk, you will make many friends who pour out their stories to you.

Use these motivational books as a way to prepare to listen to others, open your ears, and be ready to join other pilgrims seeking healing. There are rarely pilgrims who are not seeking some sort of healing. You can find a lot of Facebook groups who are preparing or have already walked on the Camino de Santiago, if you decide to join these groups, be ready for a lot of opinions which can be very useful. Every person has their own Camino which means you will be structuring your Camino based on your life circumstances or goals.

About the Author:

Caleb walked the Camino de Santiago in the fall of 2016 and is planning another trip with his family and newborn baby in the fall of 2021. He works as a NetSuite developer at a family business in Wisconsin providing IT services to mid-market organizations. This career field is perfect for the Camino because it allows him to occasionally take longer vacations and work remotely.


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