Hey, the first word that came out of your mouth the moment you saw that guy who looked like the prince charming of your life. The man you had been waiting for since forever; the guy you dreamed of while having that sad tub of ice cream watching that typical Bollywood movie that made you question your existence all came true with that one hi. It won’t be surprising to say that your guy was the one to make the first move and it’s so obvious seeing the culture we have in our country. It’s not always wise to make the first move but when you realise the Saint like guy you have is when you calm down and see your future. For this guy who has in no time become the angel of your life, the guide to your path, you mentor your best friend, your cuddle buddy and also your teacher, you need a big-time gesture bringing out all your emotions and saying it all to him out loud. Find below a list of personalised gifts for men that you can use to sweep your man off his feet and tell him how much you love him without losing that girlish charm and Upper Hand.

  • Watches

Customised watches with pictures or messages in the dial for carving in the strap are very popular these days and why shouldn’t they be with the exotic and customised look that they bring along. 


  • Bouquets

A flower bouquet or a chocolate one or even a combination of the two could work wonders. You can have one with Kit Kat or Ferrero rocher chocolates and have red roses which speaks of love better than red roses anyway. 

  • Cakes

Red velvet or chocolate cake is super stylish and love-oriented. You can have a photo or a designer cake with your partner’s picture on it. You can also be a little goofy to surprise him or her with a cartoon cake. 

  • Keychain

If your partner drives a vehicle and keeps the keys with himself at all times, the keychain can be a good option. Especially if you both drive, you can have matching customised keyrings and be that perfect couple. 

  • Bottle lamps

Bottle lamps are super exciting because they are super personalised and also have a very classic and elegant look to them. You can have one with a picture, and yellow lighting that can be kept on the side table and has a very appealing look with the lights of the room switched off. 

  • Stationery

Girls and guys are both fond of stationery items, especially when their profession or passion requires them to pursue a love for it. You can have diaries with photos or pencils with quotes to have personalised stationery items. 


  • Wallpaper

Wallpaper in the house or in your cabin is an excellent choice a little over the edge completely out of the box to startle your girl or guy to the most. If you live together, it is the perfect idea to have a wall of love that you can also draw on. 

  • Phone back cover

A phone back cover is a nice and trendy option. Many people like covers with their images on the back these days and it would be nice to have on with your partner’s picture also. You can also get a note or quote. 

  • Shoes 

Shoes can be customised, but that costs a bit too much, although many small online platforms and budding artists create such brilliant artistic items at lesser prices. If you have the talent, you can too make drawings on the show that will reflect your person’s personality. 

  • Apparel

Customised t-shirts or sweatshirts even socks can be customised for a person or to resemble a couple. You can have matching tees and sweats to have a photoshoot or roam around and have some fun.

  • Cushion

Customised cushions are a thing now and super stylish to beautify the home decor too. You can have one with emojis or pictures and in-sets to keep on all sofas and beds. And you can match the colour with your theme as well. 


  • Photo frame

Photo frame on the bedside is like a must in every house, especially on study tables and office tables of the young generation, gift your partner something this extraordinary and exciting. 


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