your Front Door attractive

Make your Front Door attractive and innovative

Front Door attractive

People often ignore front doors because they thought they only got one function and no one would notice it. Nowadays front door is not a doorway for exiting and entering, but now it becomes a reflection of your personality.

The design on the front door tells a lot about the inmate’s personality and the house’s design. If your front door looks dull and simple, it will leave a bad impression on visitors as their excitement gets minimized. If the house’s front door looks attractive and stylish, it will greatly impact the visitor as they got excited to see the rest of the house also.

This article will give you some ideas for an innovative and attractive front door design that can impress the visitors and give you confidence when stepping out in the world from your house.

Why should you choose the right door designs?

Choosing the right door design not only tells people about your personality but also makes people feel welcome.  Other than that, there are many other reasons like:

  • It creates the first impression for guests. If the doors are attractive, then it would give a good impression on the guests or visitors.
  • The front door is the gateway to the real world. With an attractive front door, you got positive vibes while stepping out to the real world.
  • The front door is the first thing that people notice. If it is good and beautiful then people would love to see the rest of the house.
  • With beautiful and attractive, it adds elegance, character, and style to the house’s interior.

Some basic tips and tricks for attractive front door

Front Door attractive

If you want to make your front look attractive, then here are some ideas that can help you. If we talk about Indian designs, then they are mainly traditional and a little towards religious aspects. Here are some basic tips that you can use to make your front door look attractive and unique.

  • There will be synchronization of exterior doors with the exterior appearance of the house.
  • The door should enhance the harmony and at the same time increase the appearance of the door for the visitors.
  • The front door position should be according to the vastu shastra or should follow the guidelines of Feng Shui.
  • It should offer a presentation of your house along with creating a positive mood.
  • The design of the front should be symmetric or according to some theme. It should match the theme with the interior designs of the house also.

Things to keep in mind while looking for front door designs

There are some basic things that you should keep in mind while looking for front door designs. If the exterior design and front door are of dark color and have strong contrast, it will be more confusing. So when you plan to work on the front door of your house, keep these things in mind.

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • According to Vastu
  • Design

Choosing the right type of door

  1. Casement door: casement gives a better look to the house as it is elegant and beautiful. The casement door comes with many features like durable hinges, a multi-locking system, and toughened and laminated glass. Mostly single or dual hinges are used for the front door as they give the welcome and inviting vibes.
  2. Sliding door: sliding doors allow most of the natural light to enter. You have to push the door horizontally in a gentle manner. They are more effective barriers towards weather and sound.
  3. Lift and slide doors: these doors are used for wide and large areas. People who like to have clear views and want big door types to opt for this door. These doors come with weather resistance and soundproof feature.


We know that it is very important to choose an attractive and innovative front door design so that your house looks attractive and welcoming. If the front door’s look is welcoming, it will give positive vibes to the members and guests.

So if you want to make your front door look eye-appealing, then you should consider these points.

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