Laser type for hair removal - choosing the right one

Laser type for hair removal – choosing the right one

Laser type for hair removal - choosing the right one
Mythis about is Laser type for hair removal – choosing the right oneLaser type for hair removal

Laser type for hair removal

Laser Salinas different types of lasers are used to remove hair. Each serves different skin and hair types of food. Your doctor can tell you which laser is best for you. However, already, here are some helpful guidelines.

Below is the list of most common laser types and their wavelengths. Several wavelengths of laser energy have been used to remove hair, almost infrared radiation from visible light. Wavelength nanometer (nm) is measure.

* Aagn: 488 or 514.5 NM

* Ruby: 694 NM

* Alexandria: 755 NM

* Pulsed diode are: 810 nm.;

* Nd:YAG: 1064 nm

Laser type for hair removal

These different wavelengths have allowed people to experience successful with the removal of laser hair of different types of skin types.

Pulse width is also an important consideration. Some published studies have shown that long pulse width is safe on dark skin.

Wavelength is another complex element. Long wavelengths are safe on dark skin.

Spot size, or laser rays width, affects treatment. Theoretically, the width of the ideal rays is about four times wider than the target. Most lasers have a round spot about the size of your small fingers (8-10 mm).

By now, you might be wondering if this method is painful. Well, I can’t lie to you, there’s some pain involved. However, for most people it is extremely tolerable. Most people compare it to being broken up by a police man.

Thankfully, there are many methods to reduce pain. The epidermal cooling has been determined to approve high fluoresces and reduce pain and side effects, especially on darker skin. Four types of cooling systems have been improved:

* Clear gel: Usually cold

* Contact cooling: Through a window cooled by water circulation

* Cryogen spray: Before/after laser pulse

* Air cooling: Forced cold air -34 degrees Celsius (5 units of The Jimmy’s Cory)

Make sure your clinic uses some time in the cooling system. If necessary, your doctor can give you some topic animatics.

You will need multiple treatments for the best results. Multiple treatments Multiple studies have shown to be more effective in reducing long-term hair. The current parameter suggests 1 month for the face, 2 months for the chest and 3 months for the feet.

Find a clinic that has a highly experienced and caring staff. With the right guidelines and treatments, you may soon be on the smooth skin path.

IPL to remove hair

Laser type for hair removal

What is IPL? IPL is an acronym for intense pulsed lights, and it is a new available treatment for hair removal.

To remove hair, the client goes to a comfortable position on the treatment table, and a skin care technician movements a hand piece that sends intense light into the skin. The dose of light is very controlled, with the specific wavelength of light used for individual clients’ own skin and hair color.

After managing the pulse of light, the pieces of hand are moved to the next area for treatment along the skin. The light elated from the device goes through the skin tissue, where it is sucked by melanin, which is the color that gives the hair its color, and is located within the roots of the hair. Since light is sucked by melanin, heat is produced which destroys hair cells in the hair filial wall.

IPL is used safely by people with all skin tone, and does not affect skin color at all. It works on all hair color, except grey hair, which has lost all color. While IPL does not permanently do hair-free, it drastically reduces its growth and obesity. Generally, depending on the area being treated, the client will need IPL treatment for the first three months to remove about one hair per month, then less frequently later. With consistent treatment, after a year, the results may be needed once or twice a year to maintain.

Side effects from IPL treatments for hair removal are usually very minimal. In almost every case, there is no downtime from the work of clients who have chosen to remove IPL hair. Serious side effects from IPL are rare, affecting less than 1 percent of those opting for treatment. Redness around treatment sites is common, but usually lasts only an hour or two. This treatment is generally painless, in fact, much less than electrolysis or laser treatment. No topic anesthesia is required in before.

The total number of IPL treatments depends on a variety of factors, including hair density and contrast of color between skin and hair. As well, there are other factors that affect hair growth such as age, genetics and hormones that can cause more or less IPL treatment suing for hair removal.

Typically, six to eight IPL treatments achieve the most favorable results, with a 50% reduction in the amount of hair that occurs after two or three treatments. Prices start at $40 per treatment in a small area, which goes up to $400 per treatment for large areas.

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