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Know the Eligibility Requirements of Student Visa 500 to Study In Australia

Has it always been your dream to study in a nation like Australia? If yes, then, the only way to do so is by procuring the student visa subclass 500 successfully. Again, there are certain eligibility requirements that you need to meet while lodging the application for your student visa 500. A comprehensive checklist of these eligibility requirements has been outlined below for eligible applicants to consider.

Best Interests of a Child

To get your student visa 500 approved effectively, you need to meet this requirement. According to this criterion, you need to lodge an application that is in your best interests if you are below eighteen years.

Previous Visa Cancellation or Refusal

According to this requirement, you should not have any of your previous Australian visas canceled or refused before.

Debt repayment

Do you or your ineligible or eligible family members owe any potential debts to the government of Australia? Then, you must have paid them back to the Australian government prior to submitting your visa application.

Australian Values Statement

You need to sign the Australian Values Statement if you are eighteen years or above. Aside, you also need to read and comprehend the ‘Life in Australia booklet’ properly. It is available in an array of languages which provides an insight into the kind of life led in Australia. By meeting the former requirement, you will promise to abide by the laws of Australia properly.

Age Requirement

If you are a student at the school level, you should at least be six years old or more. This criterion applies to students who are applying without participating in a secondary school student exchange program. Aside, you also need to be:

    • Below twenty years of age when you commence Year twelve
    • Below nineteen years of age when you commence Year eleven
    • Below eighteen years of age when you commence Year ten and
    • Below seventeen years of age when you commence Year nine

Satisfying the age criterion comprises an imperative part of the eligibility criteria of the subclass 500 student visa as well.

GTE requirement

You need to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. It is a statement wherein you must state that you are coming to Australia temporarily to study. You also need to include the crucial questions which your assessment officer has. Simultaneously, you also need to state that you will return to your home country after completing your studies. Remember, that your GTE should focus solely on your student visa 500 for it to get approved.

Financial criterion

This particular requirement needs you to prove that you have access to adequate funds. By doing so, you will be able to prove that you can support your entire stay in Australia. These include your potential living expenses, travel costs as well as your tuition fees. Contact the best migration agent in Adelaide to get premium assistance in this matter.

Health Insurance requirement

As an offshore student, you should be the holder of a valid health insurance cover. According to this criterion, you should be the holder of the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Your eligible family members also need to be the holder of this particular health insurance policy. Make sure that you’ve obtained your OSHC from a valid health insurance provider to meet this requirement effectively.

English language requirement

You will need to prove your English language proficiency depending on the course you have applied for. You need to meet this criterion while submitting the application for your student visa 500 to the DoHA. According to this requirement, you need to prove that you have obtained the desired score in an eligible English language test. Alternatively, you should fall into any of the eligible exemption categories.

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Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

While applying for the student visa 500, you need to submit a valid CoE obtained from your academic institution. You will get your CoE only after you have deposited your tuition fees and accepted the approval letter.

Welfare Arrangements

If you are below 18 years while applying for your 500 student visa Adelaide, then, you need to make adequate welfare arrangements. If you turn eighteen after arriving in Australia, you need not meet a few parts of this criterion.

Compliance with Health and Character requirements

Both you and your eligible family members need to meet the desired health and character requirements. Meeting these two criteria is imperative. As a result, both you and your family members can prove that each of you has a good moral character along with sound health.

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So, do you wish to study in Australia by obtaining the visa subclass 500 successfully? Then, make sure that you comply with each of the essential requirements given above. The top immigration agent Adelaide can help you to complete this task impeccably.

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