Jobs after Graduation

Jobs after Graduation: 5 Causes Why Your CV will be Rejected?

Jobs after Graduation

If you are doing any degree like bachelors or masters or Ph.D. or any other then you must have to think about the job. Otherwise, your degree is a wastage. I am not saying that you must have to do a job but to earn money you have to do something, then it can be a business. but you should not waste your degree. Although you should do business which you think you have more knowledge or you have more knowledge just because of your studies. Graduation is important for any type of job because most companies want an employee who are graduated otherwise you can’t even eligible for that. But applying for the job is the first step and this first step could be done by uploading your CV.

Jobs after Graduation

CV is the first impression that will describe yourself. Like a logo is the first impression for any business just like that your CV is the first impression. So always try to create the best CV. It can create many opportunities. Many people rejected just because their CV has not been formatted properly or information they had put which is absolutely wrong. It is not important that you will get a job when your CV is perfect but you should have knowledge about that job. For example, you have applied to an essay writing company like a cheap paper writing service. so you should have knowledge about essay writing otherwise you will be rejected. But here are some reasons why your CV could be rejected?

Inappropriate Information

In any type of CV, your information is a must in which you have to put your personal information, professional information, work experience, etc. you should put all relevant information like your education, where you have studied earlier and what are doing now. There is much other information which you have to put in but all should be relevant and related to you. When your CV is in front of the recruiter and if he/she feels any inappropriate information. Then, your CV could be rejected.

Ridiculous Email Address

You may be a fan of Alan Partridge, but do you really need to use [email protected] as your email address? Email addresses like this can only be used for personal correspondence. Setting up a ‘professional sounding’ email address on Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, or any of the other free email providers takes just 5 minutes.

Candidate Picture

Jobs after Graduation

A picture is also the main part which should be in your CV. There are many formats we have seen although some formats have don’t have any option of the picture so you should not choose that format that has not any picture option. Second, you should upload your own picture on the CV. Some people even upload a picture of any photography which is totally wrong. You should upload your own and latest picture so that your recruiter will recognize you at the time of the interview.

You can also retain the CV in a word format rather than a PDF or ZIP file, for example. Give the recruiter a legitimate reason to reject your CV, and they’ll approve it! Note that the Word-based CV will be the one that gets into the recruiter’s HR systems and is posted on work boards.

Too Much Personal Information

Adding too much personal information that is irrelevant to the job is a waste of space and could hurt your chances of getting a job, just as attaching an image to your CV is pointless.

Does a recruiter need to know your age, height, weight, religious or political affiliations, marital status, or sexual orientation if you’re not pitching for a date?

Make Sure Your CV is Special.

Jobs after Graduation

Applying for work has never been simpler than it is now, thanks to the online job board. Unfortunately, this means that many people apply for work in a scattergun manner, sending out the same CV over and over regardless of the job requirements. But gone are the days when using a single CV to apply for all work openings was considered appropriate.

You would have a much better chance of winning the job interview against the competition if you can show how well you can fit into a particular company through your CV and cover letter.

Jobs after Graduation

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