Is Meditech EMR Software the Right Fit for You 2021

Is Meditech EMR Software the Right Fit for You? 2021

A medical practice seldom succeeds without an efficient EMR system in place. One powerful medical software is Meditech EMR. Investing in a medical system is a big decision for facilities of all sizes. Hence, we provide a thorough review of Meditech Software to determine whether this is the perfect system for you. 

Meditech Software – Company Introduction 

Founded in 1969, Meditech EMR is an industry leader built on the premise of making people’s lives easier. The complete suite of solutions comprises electronic medical record, interoperability, telehealth, population health, patient engagement, and revenue cycle management. These services are offered to doctors and nurses of multiple medical fields, including behavioural health, oncology, and ambulatory care, among others. 

Top Features of Meditech Software 

Cloud-Based Platform 

This efficient EMR software is hosted on the cloud, which means that it can be accessed from any location and at any time. The only thing required is an active internet connection. Precisely, Meditech is hosted on Google cloud, which has proven to be innovative and cost-effective than its counterparts. 

Through the cloud-based platform, practices can save on the hefty cost of hardware. The EMR system can be accessed on any device (laptop, mobile, personal computer, tablet, and smartwatch) that connects to the internet. It is because of the cloud that users can provide virtual consultations to patients. 

Expanse Virtual Assistant 

One novel feature provided by Meditech is the Expanse virtual assistant, which lowers the need for a physical one. Through this tool, doctors can access whatever information that they require through their voice. Expanse has been developed on the same artificial intelligence that powers smartphones. Hence, it operates just like virtual assistants on mobile devices that we are accustomed to using. 

Doctors can ask for a patient’s vitals, last recorded blood pressure, and treatments without having to use their screen at all. This tool is extremely beneficial as Covid-19 bacteria can last on surfaces for days. In such a case, Expanse virtual assistant acts as a touchless technology. 

Patient Engagement 

Meditech’s MHealth app can be used by patients on their mobile devices to monitor their health effectively. Through this app, patients can update their medical records directly from their smartphones. Consent and check-in forms can be signed prior to appointments to reduce waiting time. 


Patients decide who from their family or friends can access their medical data. They can additionally schedule physical and virtual appointments, receive alerts when new records are available, view expenses and pay online for them, and connect their fitness trackers with the portal for consistent monitoring of health. 

Mobile Solutions

Meditech EMR offers mobile health solutions through its Expanse Now application. The latter is available on both Android and iPhone devices. Doctors bring the electronic medical record with them wherever they go. Through the app, they can view their to-do list of pending tasks, view patient test results, view patient demographics and allergies, and message patients, among other duties. Patient charts can also be reviewed before appointments, so doctors are always prepared, even in the case of back-to-back consultations. 

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Cost of Meditech Software

This powerful medical software can cost anywhere between $99 to $999+ per month per provider, depending on a number of factors. For a price quote, the company representatives can be contacted through its website. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of Meditech Software 


  • User-friendly and visually appealing interface. Users find it easy to train their team members with the system’s functionalities. 
  • Meditech does not slow down when being operated on several devices. 
  • Note-taking is made easy through this system, and doctors can access their notes in a few clicks. 


  • The system glitches frequently. Text boxes become blacked out, and users are unable to update changes in them. 
  • Small facilities and sole practitioners find it difficult to afford medical software. 
  • Not many customization options are available, and doctors of different specialities have to make use of generic templates. 

Is Meditech Software the Right Fit For Me? 

Meditech Software has been a prominent industry player for 5 decades now. The software has evolved with the ever-changing market trends. All in all, this EMR system features incredible tools that have proven to boost efficiencies for the practices that use it. Even though there a few concerning shortcomings, Meditech EMR is overall an excellent choice for facilities that can afford it. 

Before you make the final decision, we recommend enlisting your requirements from an EMR system. The latter should be compared with Meditech’s offerings to conclude if it’s the perfect system for you or not. 

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