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IP1 License: Different kind of infrastructure as a service

If you’ve heard of the term (IP1 License) Infrastructure as a Service, you might have heard of it in the context of cloud computing, software, secure data centers, and others. However, the real meaning of the term is much more simple. Such services are only provided by a particular type of infrastructure as a service provider. There is another type of service provider. He is not concerned with providing electronic software resources. But instead, rents or leases the most important hardware; hardware that makes it possible for the software service providers to exist. It’s a different and yet the most important kind of infrastructure provider.

And through this article, you’re going to learn all about it.

What is an infrastructure provider – in a more traditional sense?

Traditionally speaking, an infrastructure provider is a company that provides the infrastructure to support other companies. But in the context of telecommunication, an infrastructure provider is a company that provides hardware infrastructure to telecom companies so that they can provide their services. The resources that such a company provides to give Infra as a service are as follows;

  1. Cell towers
  2. Base Stations
  3. Right of Way
  4. Antennas
  5. Duct Space
  6. Cables
  7. Optical Fibres

All these infrastructures are part of the first category of resources that the telecom industry relies upon. This is why, to become a provider of these resources, one needs an IP1 License, or correctly, an IP1 license.

What is an IP1 License?

IP 1 License is the permission to set up a company that provides (rents or leases) telecom infrastructures to the telecom companies or the Other Service Providers. As the industry the license deals with is Telecom, the one that issues the license is the Department of Telecommunication.

What does it take to get the IP1 license in India?

For one, you should know that IP 1 License is only available in India, to the Indian infrastructure providers. The process to get the license should involve a simple filing of the application form, but it’s a bit more.

  1. First, you’d need to go online and login at the DOT website.
  2. Not just anyone can login and register at the website. You require a Digital Signature Certificate for the same.
  3. Once you’ve created your profile, choose the option that takes you to the Ip1 License application form.
  4. Read and understand the particular of the application form before entering a single word. If you have any issues, contact a DOT consultant.
  5. Fill the form and upload the required documents. Without the documents, this IP1 license procedure is useless.
    1. Certificate of Incorporation of your company
    2. Memorandum of Association mentioning that you’re an infrastructure provider
    3. Articles of Association detailing the terms and conditions of your IP1 company.
    4. Details about the infrastructure that you’d rent or lease.
    5. Demand Draft of INR 5,000/- or the receipt you received from doing the online payment of license fee at the Bharatkosh portal.
  6. Department of Telecommunication won’t start analyzing your application as soon as you send it. So, use the liaison services of your consultants to skip the queue and get your license processed.
  7. If the application is approved, you’ll obtain the IP1 License. It will be like clockwork.

After obtaining the license, you’d need to sign an agreement with a telecom service provider to give them resources. You have 1 month after getting the license to do that. If you don’t, your IP1 license won’t be seen as legitimate by the Telecom department and you might receive a penalty.

Rushing the licensing process and starting a business early

To generate maximum profit, you need to do more business. To do more business, you need to do it for more time. That’s why, you shouldn’t spend your time on the IP1 License, you need experts who can rush the process, and get the license early. So, if you want give an early start to your business, consult with our DOT consultants. Our job entails providing you all the services you need to start your business on time.

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