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Yahoo messenger is a messaging solution that allows us to stay connected with our peers and close ones worldwide for free. Now be it a voice text or a normal text. As a user, you hold the authority to share GIFs, transfer files but to a limit of 1 GB. You got us right Yahoo transformed from glittering blue to pastel blue and looking back maybe it was infinitesimally more magical than glaring red.

But as we are growing so fast so there was an updated version of Yahoo, not denying the fact that Yahoo was the ultimate saver back when we initially started being social on the online portal.


Back on 17 July, we lost Yahoo messenger permanently. Yahoo has been testing the new squirrel app for a month now. As per the sources, it is expected that the Squirrel app will be made available for users worldwide real soon because all of us need a genuine alternative after they put a stop to Yahoo. We are blessed to have Facebook, WhatsApp, skype as a lifesaver thanks to the social portal or elsewhere would we have landed, I still doubt because we are social animals obviously and no interaction would give us a mini attack.


I will be listing out some really top alternative you may refer to despite the Yahoo messenger;


The app was introduced after Yahoo messenger was put to an end. The app helps one in organizing the groups by keeping things updated and on track. Its working is the same as Yahoo messenger be it by creating rooms for specific people or a room wherein people can chat on the same topics. Perhaps the main chat room allows one for group connectivity worldwide via chat process. Secrets chat rooms are their priority to be it for a business or personal purpose. You are availed with a BLAST OPTION that allows displaying some important message if any on the groups, now this key feature helps to reach out to many just by clicking on the single tab button. The most important feature to mention it allows you to share photos and documents of any kind along with sharing the link.


It has been listed as one of the commonly used apps worldwide with an average estimated user of 1.5 billion on monthly basis. Works free on android and the iOS portal. It’s no hard to use WhatsApp, small generation proves this true.

What can a WhatsApp not do! be it sharing photos or GIFs/links/photos/location/files/video calling whatnot. Too many specialties to list out! It has genuinely made each of our life simple in many aspects and it has become part of each of our lives because of the fact it is so attractive. Apart from all these, it provides you with a privacy setting because of the security purpose.


Available for Android and iOS devices. giving us the benefits of secure chats and working it quite similar to that of WhatsApp. Self-destructing mode is a key feature that would destruct the message within a specific allotted time. But telegram not used for 6 months, it will get self-destruct all by itself.

Yahoo did try out by launching a new version wherein the user can enjoy the Yahoo chat room for free but due to the rise in the rest of the mobile-based messaging portal it failed somehow. The apps mentioned above are perfect options for accessing various chat features that too for free. Feel free to reach out to us on online geeks for more general insights on the mobile messaging platforms.

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