Nowadays, with busy routines filled with work and home obligations, individuals find it hard to relax. Team bonding activities leads to an increase in stress, pressure, and depression, leading to other health problems. To combat this, all the people living in this stressful environment need time to unwind and feel at peace.

So, what ways are there for a company to make sure that their employers are stress-free and satisfied individuals?

One idea is for companies to include relaxing, team bonding activities in Singapore in their packages. This will not only entice people to actually apply to their jobs, but also to feel happy in their workplace, leading to a better work environment for all.

Why Are Team Bonding Activities Good For Employees?

Employees work for ten hours or more every day, for most of the week. When they get home, they need to fulfill family obligations such as feeding and taking care of the children, doing laundry, cleaning their home, and helping them do their homework. This leaves little time for employees to unwind, leading to an increased incidence of depression in the workforce.

Benefits of Team Bonding Activities:

  • With team bonding activities, companies show that they care about their employees’ mental health. This means that their employees will feel cared for and valued.
  • Having good mental health will lead employees to perform better at work, leading to a greater success rate for their company.
  • Team bonding activities will lead colleagues to befriend each other. This will lead to a more pleasant atmosphere in the office.
  • Satisfied employees will spread the word about their company’s positive attitude towards their workers’ mental health. This will lead to better reviews and a greater number of applicants to choose from every time a position gets vacated in the company.
  • Team bonding activities promote a healthy amount of competition, which leads to employees performing better on work-related projects.
  • It allows the superiors of any office to mingle with the workforce. This can allow employees to give voice to any concerns that they may have about company policy in a casual environment.
  • Companies that participate in team bonding activities in Singapore have a greater rate of success as compared to companies that do not.


Ideas for team bonding activities 

Outdoor team bonding activities are tricky to get everyone to agree to as they involve surviving outdoors where any sort of insect may bite them, with an increased chance of any kind of injury to occur. Many people are allergic to bees, wasps, and certain types of plants and herbs which make outdoor activities a bad idea for a large group of people.

Terrarium building

Making your own terrarium is an amazing idea for an indoor team building activity. Individuals can collaborate on the making of a terrarium and make sure that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. This will not only allow them to learn something new but also give them a chance to show off any problem-solving skills they may have. Being able to take the terrarium to the office as a memento is a plus point for any individual wishing to participate.

Arts workshop

Learning art is an extremely fun way to pass the time. Many people use art such as painting and sketching as a way to decrease their stress levels. This will also allow artistic employees to shine, allowing them to show off their unique skills to their colleagues.

Leather crafting workshop

Leather crafting is a very valuable skill. With the coronavirus quarantine prolonging to almost a year, outdoor activities have been hard to do. This has to lead many individuals to take up leather crafting. In team bonding activities, individuals will be able to show off certain skills that they may have acquired.

Candle-making workshop

Candle-making is an extremely soothing exercise for stressed individuals. The colors, the aroma of certain flavors of candles, and the delicate skill involved will feel any disheartened employee feel better.

The Takeaway

The takeaway is that it is important to invest in team bonding activities for any company’s employees. This will allow the work environment to be pleasant, stress-free, and friendly. With employees working happily, company executives will have an easier time running their company as they will not have to get involved in petty disagreements or help out burnt-out employees.




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