At a time when laptops have become an essential part of daily life for most, college curriculums also call for students to possess such handy devices. Those with a trusty laptop certainly have a competitive edge over other classmates. Fortunately, the Indian market is saturated with choices from reputed brands like HP and Dell. Both these companies offer products that suit the varying needs of students with efficiency.

Before choosing whether to pick a device from Dell or HP’s buffet of offerings, you should know the factors to seek in the best laptops for students.

What do students look for in a laptop?

If you are a student in search of the perfect mobile PC, here are some aspects to consider before purchase –

  • Price

Most students are on a tight budget when it comes to buying a laptop. Therefore, you need to consider how much you are willing to or capable of spending. Most undergraduates stick to laptops under 30000. However, if you can flex your budget, you would be able to locate better features and specifications on your laptop.

Keep in mind that both Dell and HP have budget offerings in the market from which you can easily choose the best laptop for students.

  • Weight

Students and office-goers need to haul their laptop from their homes every day. Thus, opting for a bulky model would not be the best choice. Instead, students should search for slim and lightweight options, which fit right into their backpacks and are easy to carry from one place to another.

Nevertheless, if you are staying in a hostel, weight should not play a major role in deciding the most suitable laptop. That is because you would not need to carry this device over longer distances.

  • Specifications

The focus on specification would depend based on how you plan to use the laptop. For instance, students in video editing courses would need to choose devices with beefier specs. However, if you plan to use it for taking notes in class, you can get away with lower-end machines.

Still, make sure that the laptop is equipped with at least 8 GB of RAM, Windows 10 Home, the Microsoft Student and Office Suite and a decent camera. Moreover, ensure that the device you pick is durable and sports an overall impressive build-quality.

Best Dell laptops for students

If you are looking for the best laptop for students, Dell has some unique options for you to consider –

  1. Dell Inspiron 3593

Price: Around Rs.40000

Weight: Around 2 kg

Sporting a 15.6-inch full HD display, the Dell Inspiron 3593 offers the best value for money. Under its hood, this laptop features a 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, 8 Gigabytes of RAM and a 1TB HDD. Additional software, included with this device comprise Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019.

  1. Dell Inspiron 3501

Price: Around Rs.47000

Weight: Around 1.8 kg

This is another Inspiron model whose features and specs are the same as those in the Inspiron 3593. However, the only addition in this variant is a 256 GB SSD, alongside the 1TB HDD. This solid-state drive promises faster file transfer speeds. Moreover, if you install the Windows 10 OS on this SSD, boot up time will also decrease significantly.

Best HP laptops for students

Hewlett Packard is a world-renowned brand, offering some of the best-performing laptops in the market. HP also manufactures a wide range of best laptop for students to choose from.

  1. HP 14 Ultra-Thin & Light

Price: Around Rs.36000

Weight: Around 1.5 kg

One of the most affordable laptops for students, this HP model is lightweight and encourages mobility. The display supports up to 720p, which means you will not be able to experience content in Full HD. Also, with just a 256 GB SSD, storage memory is highly limited.

  1. HP 15s eq0024au

Price: Around Rs.45000

Weight: Around 1.7 kg

This 15.6-inch display laptop can output images and videos in Full HD and is powered by a 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 5 processor. Besides Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, another attraction for this particular model is the presence of Radeon Vega 8 graphics for clearer and crisper display quality. Here too, the storage capacity is limited to just a 512 GB SSD. A hard disk drive is absent.

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Regardless of whether you pick a Dell model or an HP laptop, ensure you compare the various products available. Keep in mind that both these brands offer quality laptops, which meet the requirement of students with ease.



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