Active listening is a crucial “soft skill,” like problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork. It’s a skill that will be acquired and developed — but it takes time and patience to master!

It’s essential to cultivate active listening skills in children from as young an age as possible. This may facilitate good communication skills because the child grows up. Parents and teachers can teach students the way to become lively listeners by becoming active listeners themselves. Overall, listening comprehension is the ability to know the meaning of words heard and then be ready to relate to them. When your child attends a story, listening comprehension allows them to realize it, commit it to memory, mention it and even retell it in their own words. At Preschool San Diego, listening skills developed actively. Through modeling actively and taking note of your child, he or she is in a position to ascertain the worth and importance of being a lively listener. It also gives your child regard to develop his or her listening habits.

Story Time Should Be Interactive:

While reading aloud, stop before turning the page and ask, “What does one think will happen next?” Ask your child to elucidate their answer to ascertain how well they have been listening. If they haven’t been listening, avoid criticizing and instead urge them into a fun habit of predicting what will happen next.

When you’re reading to your child, make the storytelling a two-way process. Pause during the story and ask your child to guess what happens next. You’ll also ask the kid what they liked most within the story up to its point, what they might change about the story if they had an opportunity to, and the way they expect the story to finish before reading the ending to them. Once they’re conversant in a story, you’ll re-read it to them later within the future and make a game out of it. Do that by reading a couple of parts of the story wrong intentionally and asking your child to point whenever you create an error and correct yourself.

Help Your Child to create Vocabulary:

Children can grind to a halt on a word they do not understand and find themselves missing the remainder of what is being said. Use books, games, flashcards, charts and online programs to create your child’s Vocabulary, and do not forget to read together regularly, which will make them realize the importance of words and listening. So, help them find out the vocab, and you’ll find improvement in listening skills. Pre K San Diego has a good faculty for vocab enhancement. 

Play Games that require Listening Skills:

There are different listening games which will be played and wish listening skills. Games like Simon Says helps your child build listening comprehension skills in a fun and rewarding way. You’ll even structure your listening games reception. For instance, ask your child to seek out objects round the house by giving them two‑part verbal instructions, then gradually reach three‑part, four‑part, and so on. This is a fun activity that the entire family can play together. Have one person start an ingenious story by saying one line (e.g., “Once upon a time, there was a bear who lived during a cave”). Then go around during a circle so that everyone contributes a sentence to the story. Get alongside a gaggle and have one person whisper a correction to the subsequent person. Everyone repeats it to next until the ultimate person. Have this person say the sentence aloud and see what proportion the two sentences have changed.

Be an honest Listener Yourself:

It would help treat your child with equal respect that you would want to be treated with. When your child is telling you something, regardless of how irrelevant, confirm to reply or react to it. It also helps to take care of eye-contact and repeat everything your child tells you, to them, to precisely that you’ve fully understood what he or she is trying to mention. And not just that, it’s also essential for you to model positive listening skills/behavior with people, too, especially when your kids are around.


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