Uber is undoubtedly the instant ride-hailing app that changed transportation for people forever. With just a few taps on their smartphones, users can get to any destination at any time in comfortable and convenient cabs. 

Uber has dominated the American market with a 68% share and the UAE market with a 74% market share. Its main competitors in these two markets are Lyft, Curb, Gett, Via, and Careem. It also recently announced free rides for passengers above the age of 60 due to the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination program. 

What is the growth rate expected for taxi booking in countries like the USA and UAE?

  • Revenue from taxi and limousine services in the United States of America is expected to cross $36 billion with growth in market size of 42.8% in 2021. 
  • The ride-hailing market in the United Arab Emirates will exceed $618 million in 2021 with an 8.42% growth rate and a user penetration of 29.60%. 
  • The next 4 years in the UAE will see taxi services reach a market value of $854 million (by 2025) with a 30.5% user penetration rate. 
  • Launching a taxi app in particular localities of the USA and UAE with premium services will help you beat the competition in that locality.

The simple process to follow to launch a cutting-edge taxi booking app in no time

  • Determining the business requirements and the operational scope.
  • Getting regulatory approval from local and national transportation authorities. 
  • Conducting a detailed market study about the existing competitors and choosing their best practices. 
  • Hiring a reputed mobile application development company that will use advanced technological tools. 
  • Adding all the necessary features and functionalities into the Uber clone app keeping the preferences of end-users in mind. 
  • Rigorous testing of the final version of the application to remove all the technical bugs and glitches. 
  • Launching it at the most appropriate time in the market to get maximum business traction and achieve all the organizational objectives successfully. 

Focusing on the various elements of the Uber clone app

User Section

  • Quick registration options – Customers can instantly sign up on the taxi booking app by submitting their phone numbers, email addresses, and details of social media accounts. 
  • Choose any type of cab – The passengers can select various types of cabs according to their convenience. Special priority will be given to women, kids, physically-challenged persons, and senior citizens. Different options like UberX, Uber Pool, Uber Comfort, Uber Green, Uber Black, UberXL, Uber Black SUV, and Uber Flash are available for the customers. 
  • Schedule their rides – The customers can book their ride and fix the slot in advance to avoid unnecessary delays.  They have to share correct information about pick-up and drop-off points. 
  • Access previous booking details – Users are provided information about past rides and transactions on the Uber app which is useful in case of future reference. 
  • Press the SOS button – It can be pressed anytime by the user to share information about a Safety Emergency alert. The passenger can connect with the local police directly or ask the Incident Response Team of the Uber clone app to provide immediate support. 
  • Track the driver’s arrival- The movement of the driver can be monitored on a real-time basis till he/she reaches the customers’ pick-up spot.
  • Utilize multiple payment methods – Transaction settlement can be done on the Uber clone by the customers through debit cards, credit cards, net banking, digital wallets, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and cash. 
  • A rating and review system – The passenger can rate the professionalism of the driver and the overall trip quality on a scale of 1-5. 
  • Promo codes and discounts – A variety of offers and coupons are present on Uber Clone to reduce the total ride bill of the user significantly.
  • Get alerts via push notifications – Customers get all the details through push notifications sent via SMS and email like driver name, phone number, vehicle number, and accurate arrival time of the taxi. 

Driver Dashboard

  • The choice to accept or reject a ride – They have complete freedom and flexibility to either accept or say no to a ride request of the passenger according to their convenience.  
  • Modify their daily timings – Drivers can change their daily duty timings. They can opt for either day or night shifts. 
  • Access their earnings report – They can check their commission and bonuses earned by driving on the Uber clone app for a certain period.
  • Use the route navigation mechanism – The cabbies can utilize the Google Maps integration option to reach the users’ location quickly. 
  • Withdraw their income – The drivers can sync their bank account or digital wallet to withdraw their earnings when required.  
  • Review the passengers – They can rate the behavior and punctuality of passengers on a scale of 1-5. This helps the Uber platform to remove violent and unprofessional customers from utilizing any taxi-booking services. 

Admin Panel

  • Manage the entire fleet of vehicles – The admin has to ensure that all the vehicles are maintained in good condition. They can add new taxis to expand the operational capacity of the business. 
  • Allocate ride requests to drivers – By analyzing the ongoing and future trip requests from the users, the admin will assign ride requests to drivers based on their availability and current location. 
  • Enhance relationship with customers – They have to deal with complaints and grievances promptly to ensure a high level of user satisfaction.
  • Add new features to the ride-hailing app – They can add passenger and driver-friendly features to the Uber clone app to enhance the overall travel experience.
  • Control the price – The base fare of the trips can be increased depending on the demand for cabs by the customers. Other factors like a rise in the costs of cars, taxes, fuel costs can also be utilized to charge a higher rate from the users. 

There are also super apps that offer ride-hailing with a number of other on-demand services.

Advanced additions to the taxi booking app to make a big difference

  • Uber Reserve – Reservations can be made by users up to 30 days in advance. They can also select their favorite driver. Additional benefits like a 15-minute grace period if the driver is late to the pick-up point and a $50 refund in Uber Cash if the passenger reaches the location late can be introduced. 
  • Message translation – Any message shared by the customers to the drivers can be translated into more than 100 languages using the in-built translator. Drivers can utilize the in-app translation option and read messages in their preferred primary or secondary language. 
  • Real-time sharing of ride status – Friends and families who constantly worry about the whereabouts of their near and dear ones can breathe easy as the user can share his/her ride status with them. It contains crucial information about the driver of the name, photo, vehicle number, and current location. 
  • Splitting of the total fare amount – This feature allows a lot of comforts particularly when users utilize UberPool as it splits the total bill equally. Up to 3 riders can make use of the “Split Fare” facility at a time. 
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  • “Add a Stop” option – Users who wish to be dropped off at numerous points can utilize this out-of-the-box feature. At least two extra stops can be selected and saved by the passengers before or during their ride. The destinations can be removed at any time. 
  • Calendar Sync facility – The personal “Calendar Events” in the Uber clone app can be used by the customers to link all their important meetings and appointments. It saves a lot of time and helps the users to enhance their organizational efficiency. 
  • Extra features – Other attractive features like automatic speech recognition, interactive visualization through easy-to-understand maps, a waiting list option, surge pricing, and forward scheduling can also be added to the Uber-like taxi-booking app. 

Final Thoughts

As seen above, the Uber clone app will disrupt whichever markets it ventures into and the taxi entrepreneur will witness the benefits of a huge growth in a short time. Cabs will be a viable alternative to public transport in the years to come as a major change occurs in the global transport industry. 


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