How to Register a Company in Dubai at Low Cost?

Dubai offers a unique set of advantages that help businesses prosper irrespective of their type and activities. Its strategic location allows entrepreneurs to expand their businesses across various countries and the high standards of living create a perfect local market for investors. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money on company registration when you follow the right strategies and consult with Dubai business experts.


Company registration in the UAE

It depends on several factors that include location, trade name, rental space, local sponsors, business activities, and more. With in-depth knowledge of how the system works in Dubai, you can launch your business in the country at affordable costs. You have to make a critical decision regarding a free zone company formation or a mainland establishment. It’s because, in Emirates, free zones have independent jurisdictions that govern the companies, and if you choose the right one, you’ll save good sums of money.

Mainland or Free Zone – Which One’s for You?

If your business model requires proximity to the local market and markets outside the UAE without any restrictions, you should prefer a mainland company set up. The DED governs all companies established on the mainland, and there are more than 2,000 permissible business activities. When you choose this region, you’ll get the flexibility to apply for several visas at nominal costs, which works well for your pocket too. The excellent infrastructure and abundant business resources make it a dream location for any investor.


The free zone business set up gives you the power to have 100% ownership of your company without any mandatory shareholding laws. There are good-for-all free zones that welcome all business activities, while many specific free zones are tailor-made for particular business types. If you feel you won’t need a lot of exposure to the mainland’s market, you can opt for a free zone Dubai company registration. You also have the option to choose a smart/Flexi office that saves you the cost of investing in a physical rental space.

Cost of Company Registration in the UAE

There’s no ballpark figure that suggests an accurate cost for company registration in Dubai. The cost varies depending on the company’s business size, nature, operational location, etc. The legal license that you need also plays a significant role in calculating the estimated costs. Here’s a summary that categorizes the costs of a professional and a commercial LLC company:

How to Register a Company in Dubai at Low Cost?

The business consultants at Shuraa offer the most affordable business setup packages for your company. We also function as your reliable local sponsor by becoming your company’s sleeping partner. Therefore, you can enjoy 100% operational ownership, and we’re always there for you if you need any help.


Business setup in Dubai may seem a costly affair at first glance. However, when you know the do’s and don’ts for company registration in Dubai, you’ll enjoy cost-effective company formation. Numerous free zones jurisdictions have announced stimulus packages after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic to support the investors in this hour of need. Therefore, your decision to choose Dubai as your business location is indeed correct.

How to Register your Company in Dubai?

Successful registration of any business in the UAE is subject to the fulfillment of various legal procedures and procurement of many certifications. Here’s how you can do it:


  1. Outline the business activities that would be a part of your day-to-day operations. Certain activities need additional approvals from the governing authorities. Therefore, mention all activities irrespective of their significance. Failing to do so can lead to repercussions down the line that can also result in the suspension of your business license.


  1. Select your company’s name once you have listed down the business activities. Ensure that you stick to the naming conventions established by the government to avoid delays in registration. You can keep any name that doesn’t sound offensive, rude, controversial, etc., and doesn’t attack a person’s religious beliefs and sentiments. When using a person’s name, use it in full, and avoid nicknames.


  1. Finalize your business location depending on your budget. As discussed above, you have an onshore mainland company setup or an offshore free zone establishment. Each region comes with an array of benefits and specialized regulations. It’s up to you to decide the one that inclines your business model.


  1. File your business application with all the required documents and approvals. DED is the governing authority for business licensing that apply for a mainland formation. The independent governing bodies of free zones take care of licenses when applying for a free zone trading license. The associated documentation includes passport and visa copies, initial approval certificate, colored photographs of the applicant, and more.


  1. Apply for visas once you’re done with licensing and approvals. You can acquire visas for your shareholders, relatives, domestic workers, and more as per your requirement. A mainland company formation is preferred if you need many visas as the laws for the same are flexible under DED’s jurisdiction.


  1. Open a corporate bank account for your business entity, and you’re done with all legalities associated with low-cost company registration in the UAE. Abide by the concerned authority’s guidelines at all times to ensure smooth business functioning. This also saves you from fines and penalties, which add up as overhead costs.

Tips to Save Money on Company Registration Costs

  1. Understand your business needs and match your requirements with the mainland or the free zones’ offerings. This will help you curb down the additional costs on resources and would save you a lot of money in the longer run.


  1. Consult with business experts to establish your company via their affordable packages. All-in-one packages consist of licensing, visa, documentation assistance, etc. Tackling them individually demands hefty sums of money.


  1. Don’t rent an office space if you don’t need one. You can own Flexi desks or even acquire office space on a per hour basis. This curtails your expenses, and the same can be invested in other growth-related activities.


Shuraa Business Setup

Higher business costs can dampen your aspirations. However, with Shuraa, that’s never the case. We value your investment and ensure that every penny is spent with monitored calculations. We offer customized business packages and offer exclusive cost-efficient solutions at the initial stage to provide adequate breathing space. Furthermore, our nominal upfront fees model is the best choice for all business types, be it an up-and-coming startup, a branch office, or a limited liability company. Let’s talk today and get started with the growth of your company.



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