How to Lose Weight Fast in Women

“How to lose weight fast in women”. Women are different from men, that is why I have decided to specify this article only for women. But if you men are reading this then you must suggest these tips to the women around. You so that she may learn how to get rid of the extra fat which is making them look obese.

Obesity is a disease, just as being underweight is. No one wants to be something, other than normal and one should struggle too.
Now before we start let us see what are the outcomes of staying obese for more than a certain period.
According to experts if you feel overweight for more than three months and controlling your weight seems difficult. you must consider some dieticians to get the best body and for saving yourself from various health complications.
In this article “How to lose weight fast in women”, I have explained the following things.

    ·      Effects of being overweight
·      Tips for fat loss in women
·      Tips for maintaining weight
·      Reasons for excess body fat

 A.     Effects of overweight

1.     Heart diseases are synonymous with body fat  

When there is extra cholesterol in your blood then the blood vessels would not be able to send the blood to the body at the same pace. Similarly, that cholesterol level will ultimately harm your heart.

Now, most people think that how can there be a relationship between cholesterol and heart. When your body dissolves extra fat in the blood, it gradually settles down in your blood vessels. Those who do not pay heed to it will face the music sooner or later.

2.     Risk of diabetes because of excess body fat

Type 2 diabetes is a health condition that is normally caused by overweight. In women, fast fat loss will help them in treating diabetes type 2.
It is a high blood sugar level when your body is unable to absorb the excess amount of sugars. According to researches more than 85 percent of diabetes type two patients are obese, which means that they have got extra fat around their gallbladder.
When you have got extra fat around your liver then the stimuli, which is the hormone insulin gets ineffective on the cells. Ultimately, the absorption of blood sugar decreases which in returns concentrates the blood with sugar.

3.     Sleep apnea can happen because of fat

When a person is suffering from obesity there is a high risk that he will face sleep apnea, those who do not know what it is “sleep apnea is a medical condition in which the sufferer will feel that his respiratory system is not working well, difficulty in breathing especially while sleeping is the most common symptom of sleep apnea”. According to experts, sleep apnea is because of the extra fat layer on the neck, losing excess fat especially in women can help them in reducing these attacks.  
Reportedly many people have died because no proper first aid was provided and most of the time patients do not even realize this attack.

4.     Osteoarthritis in women is caused by excess fat

Usually, overweight women think that osteoarthritis is because of the genetic setup, most of the time it is not. Osteoarthritis can be controlled and managed but if you are a fat lady then be very careful.

Your heavyweight can disturb your joints.

They are already deforming especially after menopause because there is no vitamin D production at that time, which is a facilitator in absorbing the calcium.

Thus, at that time women must make sure that they are not overweight.
 Otherwise, there will be an increase in various health-related complications and the sole cause will be excess body fats.

5.     Pregnancy complications because of fat

Women are likely to gain weight during pregnancy. Those who make this change for granted will have to suffer, unfortunately.
Many renowned institutions have conducted researches. They have mentioned obese others as the culprit for their kid’s premature birth or death.
 Most of the time, they are required to undergo a C section delivery which is not a natural process. Thus, it will be very dangerous for the immunity and health of both the mother and the baby.

How to lose weight fast

You can see weight fast to apply these remedies in your diet or daily routine.

1.     No refined carbs

The worst thing which can happen after having an excess of refined carbs is the increase in appetite. Most people who tend to eat refined bread and flour are likely to get obese and overweight at an early age.

if you want to lose weight then you must do some alternate things. For instance, if you were eating white bread then start having brown bread. it is enriched with fibers and at the same time, brown bread is not very refined.

2. Stress training for losing weight

if you are looking for the fastest way then it is stress training. your body will automatically get into a perfect tone.
Stress training does not mean that you will always have to go to the gym. Even if you are at home. you simply need to run the extra mile or do some extra push-ups. just turn on the best workout channel on youtube and get a mat from the best supermarket you are all set for stress training.
Initially, it will increase your appetite, but for fast fat loss, you will have to take this pain and control your appetite.

3. High protein diet is the best weight loss trick

While you are on your way to losing weight fast. then the very first thing you need to do is to lower your carbohydrate intake and increase the protein proportion.
you will have to add up more protein, I

How to Lose Weight Fast in Women would not recommend protein shakes to growing girls and pregnant women. they must have boiled meat and fish.
If in case you do not like boiled meat then bake it but do not try to fry that meat. Excessive fatty layer on the meat and mince must be avoided, ask your butcher to clean it off.

4. A proper sleeping routine will hike up weight loss

Have you ever noticed that if you try to stay awake late at night? You are likely to eat more if you have not noticed this thing what are you doing all your life?
To be very honest, I can not admire those who do not think about their habits. before you change your sleeping routine you must study your behaviors. If you have not got the right sleeping pattern.
According to researches, it is the lack of sleep that induces high appetite and 80 percent of obese people are lethargic. They are unable to control their sleep routines.

5. Add on soluble fiber for controlling appetite

Increased and unnatural fiber can be the most significant cause of obesity and weight gain. thus, when you eat water-soluble fats they are more likely to stay in your body making you feel that you are full.
Ultimately this article “How to lose weight fast in women”, it will affect your appetite and body weight. The best sources for water-soluble fats are nuts, legumes, beans, and fresh fruits. Grapefruits and oranges can be the game-changer.

Reasons for weight gain

How to lose weight fast

Well, this is the last section of my article”How to lose weight fast in women” and here I am deliberately mentioning some reasons for weight gain. So that the readers may understand what habits can eventually make them obese.

  • Women tend to gain weight when they are having babies, so it is the topmost reason. Many women will say that it is natural, I, however, believe that it can be controlled, you must consult nutritionists during pregnancy.
  • Thyroid issues, women tend to eat spicy and sour foods more than men and researches have shown.That such foods induce the low production of thyroid hormones. That will eventually lead to weight gain.
  • Lethargic attitude, no or less physical activities, housewives tend to have low or no physical work. I know this sounds very lame but standing in front of the stoves or the washing machine is not exercise. thus, women tend to break these norms.
  • fluid retention, so moms, who think that for babysitting they must not go to washrooms. they are their own enemy. you must not od any such things, because your baby will need you even after he getting old.
  • unhealthy eating habits, this part is the most highlighted one in weight gain and people must admit it. refined and processed food is not healthy and using them without consulting nutritionists can be very lethal.

How to lose weight fast



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