SEO Campaign stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In simple terms, it is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

As it is a website that is already in operation and that already has content, we have to stop to thoroughly analyse this website, to really analyse the situation of the website in order to make decisions regarding our SEO campaign.


Content analysis

The content is one of the most important parts of any web project, and therefore we will have to analyze the content of the web with which we are going to work. On the one hand, we will need to see if the content offered on the web is original content, if the content is not copied from other websites. This may seem like something obvious, but there are many people who still copy content from other websites, thus exposing themselves to the risk of being penalized by Google.

In order to analyze the content, we can use tools such as CopyScape and the like that will detect the content that has been copied, or if the web is not very large we can analyze it manually by checking if Google has indexed those texts.

On the other hand, even if the content is original, we have to analyze if that content is consistent with the web, if it is related to the page or if, on the contrary, it is content that should not be there.

In the same way, we will have to check that the contents are of quality for the user, and that they comply with what is expected for the “planning” of the web. For example, in a sports ecommerce, there should be no news about what is happening in politics, since it is something that has nothing to do with it and that does not meet what is expected by users on the web.

If the content of the web is not what users expect, they will go to Google to find another website where they find what they want, and this will make our user and CTR metrics drastically worse, which is very negative in the face of SEO.


SEO analysis on page

It is very important to check if the main landing pages where you are trying to position yourself in Google and receive visits, are optimized for the keywords you want to work with. If we neglect the potential of on page SEO, we are losing a valuable tool with which to improve on Google.


Indexability analysis

The indexability of all parts of the web is one of the most important things that we have to take into account. We have to study the structure of the web and its internal linking to make sure we guide Google Bot where we are interested and in the same way, that it not only reaches the areas that interest us most, but also reaches all areas of the web so that nothing is left unindexed.

We will also have to check the canonical, noindex and robots.txt so that they are correctly configured and do not limit areas that should be indexable. In the same way, we will also check that areas that can generate duplicate content are not being indexed, such as paging areas, ordering parameters and so on.

Another important factor will be to study well the optimization of the meta title and meta description not only in terms of keywords, but also in order to improve the CTR, that is, in order to improve the number of users who click on our website from Google. Improving the CTR will make us improve our positioning.


SEO Campaign

Usability analysis

We have to put ourselves in the user’s point of view and see if the web really has a correct usability like if if it can be navigated without great effort, if it is comfortable and easy to use the web and so on.

Why? Because we don’t want users to leave the web and go to Google to find another web because they are not comfortable or are too complex to use. This would cause the user and CTR metrics to plummet.


Link profile analysis

Something very important before working on any project is to study the link profile you currently have, since without knowing the link profile you have, we cannot venture to create new links.

On the one hand, we have to check if the link profile is over-optimized in terms of anchor texts (too many anchor text of exact keyword).

On the other hand, we will have to check if the links that link to the web are quality links or are “junk” links such as links to webs in other languages, of non-relevant topics, in penalized webs, and so on.


Keyword analysis

It is very important to know which keywords have been working so far to position in the search engines, since we will have to check if these keywords are really the right ones for the project, if those keywords are going to bring the expected results or not once they are achieved go up in the search engine.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to study other keywords that are attracting visits to the project to see if they may be worth working on as well. We can use Google Analytics, Search Console and other tools such as SeMRush, SEO PowerSuite.


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