How To Increase Sales

Have you noticed all of the websites these days have a live chat option? Is it becoming really important for the sites to add chat options? No matter if it is a chatbot or a live human chat, it brings extra value to the final product. Many websites are using this feature, but the question is why they are using it?

They are getting conversion through these chats, that is why they are spending their time, money, and efforts on these chat options. So what should be your next step for a chat feature? Do you need to add a chat option or not? Why is it important to add a chat option? All of these questions are going to be answered here because here we will let you know how you can increase sales by adding a chat feature on your website.

Why Is Chat Feature Important?

Now the question is why chat features are important for your website. We all know that websites want to increase sales and that is why they want to add a chat option on their site. But you are not going to instantly get sales through chat options. You have to put more effort into making it useful. Following are some benefits you will get through chat and then you can utilize them for more sales.

More Engagement

You will get more engagement with your customers. No matter if they are customers or general visitors on your site. You will get to know more about them.

Find Customer Problems

When you are interacting with customers or visitors through personal chat, you will find that they will tell you their problems. Finding problems with your customer is the first step of your lead generation.

More Accurate Leads

Getting more metrics about your customers and visitors will help you get more accurate leads on the table. You can convert them easily.

More Brand Awareness

As your brand will be in front of the customer and you will be talking more with them through personal chat, there will be more brand awareness created for your brand.

How To Increase Sales With Chat?

Now let’s get to the point. The main point of this post is sales. How you can increase sales with chat but it is not as simple as you think. Some websites think that they will set up a chat option, and they will start getting sales out of it but it doesn’t work this way. You have to do some effort and they are mentioned below.

Pitch Perfectly

To increase sales from chat features, you need to pitch for sales perfectly. Never try to pitch anytime or anywhere, you need to find the perfect point to pitch the sales. You will need to train your sales and support team to do it perfectly.

Collect Data For Future

You are not going to sell everything in a chat only. You need more information about the visitor or customer. Collect personal information and contact information for future lead generation and conversion processes.

Provide Solutions Before Products

Customers and visitors never choose chat for purchasing anything rather they are looking for solutions. So you must present solutions in front of you before presenting any product.


If a customer is talking about a product that he/she has already bought, then you must try to offer related products, items, or accessories. Upselling is a great way to increase sales through chat.

Things Not To Do In Chat

Now you are done with the things to do while chatting with customers to increase sales. The next thing you need to know is things not to do in a customer support chat. Following are these things that you must avoid.

Forceful Purchase

You don’t need to force any customer to purchase something for you. It will create a bad experience and that customer is never going to return to your store.

Wrong Placement Of Chat

Placing your chat option on any random webpage is not a good thing. Try to find the best placement for the chat option. The perfectly placed chat will help you get sales.

Interrupting Too Much

Sometimes pop-up sounds of chat boxes can irritate customers. You don’t have to interrupt them too much. Try to spend as few as possible messages and must wait for the replies. All of these settings can be customized in the chatbox settings.

Talking Just About Sales

Customers never expect sales and products from your side. They look for help and support most of the time. So your conversation must be in that type of tone. 

Not Using Automation & Forms

You need chatbots or automation for the chat option on your website. But automation should be used in the right way. To increase sales proper lead generation and conversion forms should be used in the chatbox.


Chat options are important for websites. In personalized chats, the chances of sales are more. But it is not that simple for everyone to get sales through chat boxes. However, with some effort and tips, you can do it in the right way. You must pay attention to the chat boxes and their settings. Above mentioned things are really important if you need more sales. Otherwise, chat boxes are not going to work for you anymore.


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