How to Have Your Carpets Shined Like New

Carpets are the luxury textile in the house. They are needed to be maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure they look their best. A shiny carpet increases the elegance of the home, and make it look and feel more comfortable. It adds to the ambiance of the house.

However, keeping the carpets clean can be an extremely challenging task and sometimes requires to get professional help by searching “carpet cleaning services near me,” but there are a few things that can make a difference. There are a few tricks that can prevent permanent damage, stains on the carpet and make it look like new.

Get Rid of Shoes

Shoes collect all the dust and dirt from the outside and bring it in the house. It is the primary cause of dirt and stains continuously haunting the carpets at home. Make a rule to remove the shoes or boots at the entrance. Place a shoe holder right at the entrance and encourage guests and family to remove and place their shoes in there. The hard tread of these shoes also wears the fabric and texture of the carpet with time.

Protect Your Carpet

Certain places in the house the carpet needs protection. Damaging a spot on the whole carpet can ruin its look. Most carpets are damaged from the chair legs at the dining or sitting area. Due to the constant moving of the chair, the carpet gets damaged and requires patched in that area, which makes it look worse. It’s better to place a small rug over the carpet under the chairs. The small rug will be easier to clean and replace than patching your carpet or cleaning it all.


Use of Baking Soda

It is a well-established fact that baking soda has anti-bacterial properties. Sometimes there is a lingering smell coming from the carpets that set off the mood. This smell is created by germs and bacteria that have accumulated due to poor maintenance and bad cleaning habits. Using baking soda on the carpets before vacuuming will make the carpets smell fresher than usual. Just sprinkle some baking soda a few minutes earlier to vacuuming and see the magic happen.

Regular Cleaning

It is the essential tip of all. Cleaning and regularly maintaining the carpets will ensure no dust or dirt stays long enough in the mats to induce allergies and produce germs. Even the leftover food that falls on the rug can attract many insects and promote bacterial growth, which is not a good sign. Make sure to clean the carpet daily with the vacuum to preserve its beauty.

Never Rub

Stains are the worst nightmare of any carpet owner. They can happen with the slightest of mistake and leave their mark for eternity. The first instinct when a stain is spotted is to rub the stain as fast as possible. Which is the worst thing anyone can do! Rubbing the stain spreads it more evenly in the fabrics of the carpet, making it absorb-able. The key to getting rid of stains is to quickly spray a detergent over it and dab it gently with a towel.

The best carpet cleaning companies and professionals use this trick when removing those tough stains that seem pretty much irremovable. They spray or powder the area with the detergent or chemical and dab it gently to remove it out. It is best done when the spill occurs, as it is fresh and in the process of being absorbed.


All these steps will help to make the carpet as clean as possible, but professional assistance must never be underestimated. Having the carpets deep cleaned twice a month by professional services will ensure the carpet will remain fresh and optimal for a longer time.

Carpet Restoration Company

Carpet Restoration Company should always be chosen carefully without any hiccups and problems. They need to be thoroughly investigated before you can go on and make any decisions. Otherwise, if you would have contracted any bad service, they are going to ruin your entire carpet and you would have been left with nothing but a piece of hard cloth that has become entirely useless.

Therefore, before entrusting your carpet restoration service, please read up the entire manual of their work. This manual would have all the details about how the company has functioned in the last many years and how they approach the work which they have been doing since this time. After reading the manual, you would have an idea of how does the company would fare in doing the job properly or not.

Now you would be able to make a decision very soon and a decision would be made correctly of choosing the right company. This manual would also contain the list of things that would be done to make sure your carpet is restored to its original form and the colors would not be faded and would be as bright as before.


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