How to get healthy hair

reasons for weak hair and solutions for healthy hair

Have you ever come across this term aura?
Firstly, Before I start I want to discuss it as it is highly related to your hair. Many people also think that aura of a person is only related to his emotional and spiritual energy, in fact, it is the physical expression as well, which will affect the aura of a person.
For me, my look has to stay as natural as possible. Hair, the most prominent thing at my head, which can entirely change my look.

How to Get Healthy Hair

That is why I make sure that I am doing everything, which is ultimately going to benefit my health. Your health, now, likewise every other person you must be thinking that health means the condition of your heart, liver, and skin.
Generally, we do not want to put our attention on the condition of our hairs. Our hair is telling us a story.
Even more, let us first hear that story

What does hair say?

1. messy hairs

So, If you have got messy hairs then some intelligent personalities can easily understand your personal inclinations about life.
For instance, I believe that those who are not very interested in taking care of their hairs are very lazy and have got sluggish behavior towards life.

2. dry hairs

Dry hairs symbolize, dehydration. Your body has not got enough fluids to nourish and moisturize your hair.
Dry hairs can be genetic but that is a very rare case. Finally, Nutritional imbalances in pregnancy can also a cause of dry hair.

3. oily hair

These are most of the time hereditary. According to various surveys, the most common reason for oily hair is improper hair care.
Generally, this condition occurs when you do not wash your hair properly.

Reasons for weak hair

Therefore, These are some reasons for weak hair
·         Diet imbalance
·         Stress
·         Medication
·         Heat damage
·         Dehydration
·         Over-processing
·         Over-washing
·         Lack of hair trim
Now let us took a deeper look at these issues.

1.      Diet can affect hair

You may have heard this old saying that “you are what you eat”. Your body will only process those chemicals which you have sent in.
If you are facing extreme hair loss, breakage or dryness, you must first observe your diet. Food rich in cholesterol will increase the stress on your liver. Which will ultimately affect the growth hormones and your hairs will face the music.

 2.      Stress affects hair growth

Telogen effluvium is known as a condition in stress when you will face a severe hair breakage. We have got a plethora of evidence that shows that stress is indirectly linked to hair fall.
In stress we generally face hair breakage, researchers claim that the hair breakage phenomenon during the stress periods is because of the dormant hair follicles.

3.      Dehydration causes hair loss

Dryness is also the most significant factor of weak hair in many women. Men usually do not realize it, but according to recent research, the only reason for baldness in men during their 20s is dehydration.
The main reasons for dryness are weather conditions, during extreme weather conditions, people generally tend to skip water intake.

4.      Heat can damage healthy hair

You can not also skip this hype created by fashion divas that, every girl and even men need to straighten their hairs. Blow drying has become one of the conventions. Young girls wake up every day and blow-dry their delicate hair.
Consequently, The worst part is when you use these hair treating tools inappropriately then you can damage the hair cuticle, which will ultimately destroy your hairs and the first thing you will be losing is hair luster.

5.      Over-processing is an enemy of healthy hair

You can not go away, with having a lot of hair processes and saying that your hair is perfectly fine natural and untouched hair, are entirely different in composition from the processed hair.
Coloring and professional treatments such as straightening have got several chemicals, which are not very good for your hair.

How to get healthy hair

This is the last section of this article, and we will see what can be done in order to get the best and healthy hair.

1. homemade solutions for healthy hair

If you think that for getting healthy hair you only need to consult a salon owner, who would offer you some luxurious services, then you have not seen some rural women, who have got the best hair.
You must try some home remedies. Here I have got three recipes which can be followed thrice a month for healthy hair

·         Egg and oil for healthy hair

For this the solution,  first of all, you need to beat an egg with a half cup of coconut oil, eggs are rich in protein and the coconut oil has got antioxidants for nourishing your hair.

·         Yogurt and honey

This mask has got anti-fungal properties, which can save your hair from thinning. This is best known for making your hair shiny and smooth.
So, You will need 2 tablespoons of yogurt and half a tablespoon of honey, mix them and apply them for 45 mins.

·         Fenugreek and olive oil

You must try this one, what you are supposed to do is, get two tablespoons of fenugreek and cook them in half a liter of olive oil. Apply this mixture twice a week, for incredible results.

2. Get the best diet for healthy hair

How to get healthy hair

You must try to have a balanced diet. It will ultimately affect your hair growth. Make sure that your diet has got enough amount of zinc and iron, as these two components are the most important ones.

3. Do not over-process your hair

You need also to make sure that you do not over-process your hair, over-processing includes blow-drying, straightening, and coloring.

4. Tie your hair before bed

How to get healthy hair

While you go to bed and sleep with open hair, they are likely to get damaged due to friction. Make sure that you have made two braids of your hair before sleeping so that the risk of breakage must fall down.    

5. Say no to acids

You are not supposed to use acidic solutions for your hair Hence, thus before buying any shampoo or conditioner make sure that the acidic content is very low.


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