How to Get a Salon-level Blow-Dry at Home?

Here’s the Detailed Guide


In the event that you’ve ever gone to the salon for a blow-dry, at that point you know the stunning, incredible inclination brought about by the measure of bounce, volume, and shine in your hair. The ideal blow-dry resembles a masterpiece and our beauticians make it look easy to accomplish however behind the sparkly bolts is a procedure that requires some serious energy and practice to consummate.

On the off chance that you have ever attempted to give yourself an appropriate blow-dry at home, you have most likely halted part of the way through with disappointment! Attempting to reproduce an expert blow-dry hairdo at home isn’t as simple, yet it’s certainly conceivable to accomplish an incredible completion. Our beauticians are sharing their best ten hints they have learned over their numerous long periods of involvement to assist you with accomplishing salon commendable hair at home.


The apparatuses and items you use while styling your hair at home are a significant portion of a fruitful blow dry.


Blow Dryer


Our stylists consistently suggest utilizing a spout when you blow-dry, this is on the grounds that utilizing a spout helps concentrate the wind stream straightforwardly onto the segment of hair you are dealing with assisting with making volume at the roots and perfection on the finishes. It additionally accelerates drying time! Our beauticians just use the top hairdryers with numerous warmth and air settings; utilize medium warmth to pre-dry, high warmth to style, and afterward, an impact of the virus set will set the style set up and give the hair a wonderful sparkle.


Round Brush


At the point when blow-drying, we utilize a round brush. Utilizing a round brush permits you to make numerous styles such a smooth and smooth or large and fun, it permits you to smooth and clean the hair without the utilization of straighteners and utensils. Our hairdressers suggest utilizing a bigger brush in the event that you have long hair and a more modest brush for those with more limited hair.




It’s critical to utilize the correct items when blow-drying your hair, by not utilizing items or utilizing ones not reasonable for your hair type. You need to ensure your hair however much as could reasonably be expected. Our beauticians propose a mousse to accomplish volume and a blow drying cream or oil through the finishes to take out frizz.


Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for the bit by bit procedure.




In the event that you have long or thick hair, at that point, you will realize it’s difficult to take care of business quickly and in the event that you have normally wavy hair, at that point this can accept longer as you have to smooth and clean every part. Notwithstanding, our beauticians think it merits the time spent consummating as you will be left with an excellent blow-dry that will keep going for quite a long time!


Stage 1


For the ideal pass up impacting the hair utilizing a medium warmth to dispose of overabundance water until the hair is 80% dry. Blow-dry the hair against the heading it lays as this will support volume at the roots instead of the hair falling straightforwardly against the scalp.


Stage 2


Presently you have to isolate the hair into a few segments relying upon how thick your hair is. Doing this likewise assists trim with bringing down the drying time which is particularly useful for those of you with thicker hair.


Stage 3


At the point when it comes to drying numerous individuals wrongly move the dryer here and there the hair or keep the dryer in one spot. Rather you ought to consistently follow the brush with the hairdryer utilizing the spout. Ensure you rehash this again and again until the part is totally dry, in the event that you leave dampness in the hair the blow dry will crash and burn later on.


Stage 4


Rehash this for each segment gazing at your base segment at the scruff heading off to the highest point of the hair, our beauticians recommend utilizing a medium drying setting to smooth each segment getting done with a virus impact giving the hair mind-blowing sparkle and hold. Blow drying the front segment of your hair can be troublesome. Utilize a somewhat more modest brush for this segment particularly on the off chance that you have more limited pieces around the front, this can make blow-drying much simpler for you.


Stage 5


To complete utilize a pea-sized measure of serum through the finishes to take out any frizz and a spritz of hairspray will help hold your blow-dry. Anyway be attentive you are not making a difference an excessive amount of item or such a large number of as applying a lot of will burden your hair.


Keep in mind the more your training, the speedier and simpler you will discover the cycle. Whenever you have done this your hair will feel sound and polished and your blow-dry will last a decent couple of days.

How to Get a Salon-level Blow-Dry at Home?



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