No doubt, the best acne treatments are among the most frequently asked and needed skincare. Acne is irritating and if not cured properly, it leaves scars that look equally ugly. Although acne victims are equally spread around the globe, it is more common in teenagers and adults. Some people develop acne at the onset of puberty and never get rid of it. What makes acne so common is the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that is caused by sensitivity to hormones such as androgenic hormones in the body. Red color bumps will appear on the skin and are very small in size some time they are painful while sometimes not but they can have a great impact on your facial appearance. The problem usually appears in oily skin. There are certain factors that can make the condition far worse such as:

  • Fluctuation in hormones at the time of menses.
  • Picking the acne lesions.
  • Wearing something overhead such as Helmets or hats.

Beneath the top layer of skin lie sebaceous glands. They are connected to skin pores via hair follicles. Under normal conditions, sebaceous glands produce optimum levels of sebum. But sometimes they become hyperactive and produce sebum in large quantities. Sebum becomes stuck in hair follicles and together with dead skin cells forms pimples on the skin.

best acne treatment

What causes the Acne?

Acne is a hormonal condition caused by androgenic hormones and these hormones usually become active in the teenage years. When the sensitivity of these hormones combines with bacteria and oil glands it causes the skin condition known as Acne.

What to do?

Most people get tired by using various methods to remove acne because it can greatly demean the self-esteem of a person and are confused that which treatment they should use for good results. We are going to tell you about all of these techniques steps by step so that you can decide which acne treatment is best for you.


Antibiotics can be applied externally to the skin and can also be ingested into the body, however, the antibiotics applied externally to the skin for Acne clindamycin, erythromycin while the antibiotics ingested are tetracycline and ethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. By using these antibiotics surface bacteria can be greatly controlled and reduced which will clear the skin surface. When these antibiotics are used with benzoyl peroxide or retinoid.

In severe cases, the person needs oral ingestion of retinoid capsules known as Isotretinoin however these capsules are used in severe cases.  Isotretinoin decreases the area of oil glands and without the oil glands, Acne quickly diminishes.

There are some side effects of this procedure which include.

  • Dry skin caused by the closure of oil glands
  • Increase in cholesterol.
  • Birth defects might also occur.
  • Increase in blood fat.

Women are strongly advised to take birth control pills before and after the procedure to avoid any severe complications. The isotretinoin is used in the most severe cases most cases are treated with simple antibiotics.


Retinoid is a vitamin A derivative and is used to treat the first lesion of Ance. The most common side effect of this procedure is irritation.

Hormone therapy

This type of treatment is most suitable for women with the signs of more male hormones (androgen). In this therapy low dosage of pestrogane, estrogen is given to the person or spironolactone is given to the person which is also known as anti-androgen medication.

Benzoyl peroxide

This is the most widely used technique because the antiseptic used in this technique is easily available. It is used on the skin surface and targets the surface bacteria. The most common side effect of this treatment is dryness which causes irritation.

Best Clinical Acne Treatments

Today dermatologists are equipped with the best techniques for acne treatment in Dubai. Once you feel acne on the skin, consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. Light therapy, steroid injections, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are some medical best acne treatments that work great for acne removal. Acne must be treated carefully because a bad treatment may show up as acne scars on the skin.

  • Light Therapy uses red light or a combination of red and blue lights to kill bacteria that cause redness and swelling of acne. Light also reduces the size of sebaceous glands, thereby controlling the secretion of sweat.
  • Steroid Injections are used for large and painful acne. Injection cures acne quickly by flattening it and the symptoms disappear in three to four days.
  • Microdermabrasion is used in both problems. It employs an instrument that sprays crystals onto the upper layer of skin. Crystals are then removed from the skin layer through a vacuum device.
  • Chemical Peels use the application of mild acids on the skin that removes the top layer containing acne. New layer forms as the healing process progress. It is one of the best acne treatments.

The Best Treatment for Acne Scars is

This treatment must be carried out with due care. Because acne treatment that goes wrong results in scars. Acne scars are also formed when acne is squeezed. Some cosmetic solutions for acne scars are:

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing employs a laser beam that removes the top layer of skin that contains scars.
  • Dermabrasion uses a device that removes skin layer that contains scars.
  • Fractional Laser Therapy works in deeper layers of skin and does not affect the top layer.

All of the procedures described above can be used for the best acne treatments. However different procedures are used for different conditions and severity of Acne. The Best choice might as well be antibiotics as they can be used for severe as well as mild conditions.



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