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How to Find a Quality Web Hosting?

If you came to this article, it is because you are determined to finally start your own website, whether personal or business, Am I wrong. Well you came to the right place, because here I will show you what a hosting is? In addition, what are some of the best quality web hosting for you to start your website.

Until several years ago it was generally to have to hire a quality web hosting from other countries, and in its vast majority, Americans, since there were few companies in other country that provide hosting service, and above they were not as good or as cheap as those in North America.

How to Find a Quality Web Hosting

But Everything has changed and now the picture is different. Today there are many quality web hosting companies that provide their services with an unbeatable quality-price. In addition, it is very necessary to have a technician who speaks the language where you live to help us in case of presenting a concern with their respective hosting.


Want to find a Quality Web Hosting?

Well, here I’ll tell you.


Stay, because I will also tell you what decisive factors you need to take into account to hire yours, let’s go there!


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Yes, you may already know what hosting is, but I don’t lose anything by reminding you, do I? Well, a hosting, or also known as web hosting, is simply a service that gives you a space on an internet server on which you can set up your website.


In other words, a hosting is nothing more than a system or space in which to save all the information regarding your site. For example, images, videos, and absolutely all the content that your website has.


That’s why it’s said to be a space to host your website, as its name suggests. No hassle, right?


It’s like staying in a hotel: you arrive, rent a room, and you’re there, along with all your things, for a predetermined time. This is the same, you arrive at a hosting company (the hotel), you hire one of its plans and with it it hosts you on its server (the room), and there you open your website (you leave your things). Super simple.


Since it is clear to us what it is, let’s then go to see what are the factors you should consider to hire a hosting.

 Premium Hosting Services


For more than one reason. I already told you that it is always good to hire a quality web hosting base in your country, in case you need to contact the technical service; in that case, it is super good to communicate with someone who also spoke Spanish. And of course, we also mentioned that if you are fluent in English this should not matter to you. But, the next reason I’ll tell you I should.


It turns out that, if you are Spanish and still reside in Spain, and even more so, if your target audience is also Spanish, hiring a hosting from this country will be very beneficial for you regarding SEO. How is that possible? Because these companies almost always have their data centers in Spain, or at least in Europe, which makes it possible for your Spanish audience to access your website faster.


You should know that the further away your hosting servers are from the users who visit your site, the longer the response time, which means that the speed of loading your website will be slower. What does this translate into? In that you will unintentionally be giving your users a bad experience (which is very dangerous), and your positioning on Google will also be deteriorated.



Regardless if you want to hire a quality web hosting from your country or one from the United States, these factors must always be taken into account. Depending on them, you may be paying for a better service and providing a better user experience, or, quite the opposite. Therefore its importance is not for less.


1- Number of domains:

Do you plan to host a domain in the web space? Or multiple domains in that same space? This you have to think about well, because not all hosting plans allow it. You will see, some plans allow you to host only 1 domain, and usually these plans are the basic ones of companies. “Medium” plans can allow you to host 3 or up to 5 (depending on the company, of course); and more advanced plans give you the option of hosting 10 or 15. ¡15! Is that a lot? Well if you knew that there are people who are dedicated to create many websites and manage them to live on them. Personally I get tangled up with the only one I have; I can’t imagine those people, really.


2- Technical support:

Very important. Can you imagine if, God forbid, you have a problem with the hosting service and the plan you hired does not offer technical support to solve your doubts? He’s about to pull his hair out. It is necessary that in the features of the plan you make sure that they offer it 24/7.


On the other hand, what I told you at the beginning of the post, it is ideal that you hire a Spanish hosting so that you can solve your doubts with an assistant who speaks our language, either a bot or a real person. I think it would relieve you too much. However, if you manage English, perfect! You should not worry about the language. But I insist, Yes, that you offer this service.


In addition, it is not only in case you have a problem with the host, it may also be that you have some doubt with the operation of something. You may find it a little difficult to familiarize yourself with the Cpanel, or with another tool or option, so, again, technical support becomes very, very necessary.


As they say out there: “it is better to have it and not to need it, than to need it and not to have it.”


3- Web space:

I think you already have an idea of what this is all about. Will your website be too big or will it be something to hang out with? Will your website require you to upload a lot of images, videos and other media files that weigh heavily?


Before choosing a quality web hosting, you first have to consider the space that he will give you, because in that space is where you can store your entire site; notice that even the comments in each post represent occupied space.


For example, in the case of the hosting company Bluehost, the basic plan offers 50GB of storage; the plus unlimited SSD storage plan; the choice plus Unlimited SSD storage plan, and the pro plan offers you more and more and unlimited SSD Storage. It is also important that these storage disks are SSDs, for example: Bluehost are like that.


4- Database:

This point is linked to the size of the storage or web space, since the size of the database is given by the amount of web space. Now, here you have to look at how many databases you need for your website. You can find plans that do not offer databases, or that offer nothing else, so be careful, because this is a great limitation that they put you.


These days it is very important that the plan we choose offers us more than one database, and I will explain why: if your project is a website that contains a blog but also a forum, then you will need two databases, one for the blog and the other for the forum.


For you to understand its usefulness, databases are used for customer service, storage and search of information, e-commerce, and creation of custom HTML files, distribution and organization of multimedia elements… in short, everything related to your website.


5- Data transfer:

You can also find it as a monthly transfer or monthly traffic. This is nothing more than the amount of information that the hosting plan you hire can send and receive for a month.


This has a close relationship with the web traffic that your site has, you know, the number of users who enter it, because the volume of this data is generated by users who enter and have interactions within your site: comment on an entry, navigate between several posts, access different pages, and a long etcetera that they can do on a website.


To summarize it better: if you have a lot of web traffic, many data will be generated to send and receive on your hosting server. If you have little traffic, it will be little data.


There are companies that can offer you, even in their basic plan, a data transfer of 1TB, and in other plans, they can leave it to you without limits. There are free hostings (and which I do not recommend!) whose transfer rate is so low, that when your site barely has hundreds of visits it will drop. However, that happens in the free ones, in the paid ones we almost do not have to worry about that, but also do not forget it.


Now, initially the transfer of data or monthly traffic should not worry you because, obviously, you will not have thousands of visits in the first months of your site. Therefore, from my experience, this would be the factor you should leave last on the list of priorities. When your project grows and you start to have those thousands of visits, then you would switch to a better plan, maybe a medium or advanced one, everything will depend on your situation and interests at that time.


6- Backups:

It is important that the hosting plan you want to hire make backups of your website from time to time. This is like WhatsApp backups; we almost never pay attention to them, sometimes ignore them, and sometimes even cancel them without more. Oh, but when for some problem we must restart WhatsApp and we find that the last backup that was made is 6 months ago, and that consequently the last important messages of our work and personal life are not saved, then we want to go crazy!


Well, with your website it is the same. Backups are very important to prevent you from falling into a bad situation like with WhatsApp. You have to pay attention, in the features, which the backups are made at prudent times, maybe once a week or a month.


Perfect, we have already seen what are those elements that you should aware when choosing the best hosting, no matter what country you live in, but now I want to comment by clicking here you will find how to get a QUALITY WEB HOSTING for your new or old website. These hosting offers you the aforementioned Cpanel, a comfortable interface from which you can install WordPress on your host easily and quickly.

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