Looking to Embed Instagram Feeds on websites? Although Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing platform, with new capabilities and features, it has become a marketing hub. Businesses and Marketers are using it widely to increase their reach, raising awareness, engagement, and showcasing their products. 

Now, businesses and marketers are leaving the traditional marketing strategy behind. Embedding Instagram Feeds on websites has become a new marketing strategy that actually works.

In this guide, we will discuss:

  • How to embed Instagram feeds on websites
  • Steps to embed Instagram feeds on websites
  • Benefits of embedding them on websites.

How to embed Instagram Feeds on websites

Here are some of the ways you can embed Instagram Feeds on websites.

  1. Instagram Embed Option – Instagram officially provides the option to embed Instagram feeds into websites. All you have to do is discover the feed from the pool of content and then click on the options menu and select embed. 

A code will be generated, copy the code, and paste it into the website web page’s back end where you want to embed it.

The feed will be live on your website. Repeat the same process until you have embedded all of your required content on your website.

  1. Social Media Aggregator – Social Media Aggregator is a tool that lets you aggregate social media feeds from multiple platforms to a unified platform. Such a tool is Taggbox Widget.

Taggbox widget is a social media aggregator tool that lets you aggregate, curate, and embed the Instagram Feeds on websites. It is a powerful and robust tool yet simple to use.

The benefit of using social media aggregators instead of official Instagram embed options is that you don’t have to search manually for the feeds and then generate the embed code for it accordingly. 

To know more about how to embed Instagram feed on the website read here – https://taggbox.com/blog/embed-instagram-feed-on-website/

Taggbox Widget aggregates all of your relevant feeds, which you can also filter manually, then curate the feeds to make them appealing and attractive. Finally, generate only one embed code for multiple feeds.

Steps to embed Instagram Feeds on Websites using Taggbox Widget

  1. Create Taggbox Widget Account
  2. Aggregate Instagram Feeds
  3. Curate the Instagram Feeds
  4. Generate the embed code
  5. Embed Instagram Feed Widget on HTML website

Using Taggbox Widget, you can aggregate feeds from the following methods:

  1. Hashtag – Hashtag is used to aggregate all of your relevant hashtags’ feed on Instagram to the widget editor.
  2. Handle – Handle is used to collect all of your Instagram account’s feed into the widget editor.
  3. Stories – Stories can be used to aggregate your handle’s Instagram Stories to the widget editor.
  4. Mentions – Mentions are used to aggregate the feeds in which your Instagram Handle is mentioned.
  5. Tagged – Tagged method can be used to aggregate the feeds in which your Instagram Handle is tagged.

For curating an amazing Instagram Feed widget, you can use some of the following features:

  • Moderation
  • Profanity Filter
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Posts
  • Live Preview
  • Customization
  • Themes and Layouts
  • Real-time updates
  • Custom Language
  • Analytics

And many more that can help you curate an amazing, appealing, and attractive Instagram Feed Widget for your website.

Now choose your website platform by clicking the PUBLISH button on the bottom-left of the screen.

Finally, copy and paste the code into the backend of your website webpage. Thus, Instagram will be live on your website.

Benefits of embedding Instagram Feeds on websites

  1. Increase Social Reach
  2. Raise User Engagement
  3. Build Trust
  4. Showcase social proof
  5. Increase Dwell Time of website
  6. Decrease bounce rate
  7. Generate more UGC
  8. Website Interactivity

These are some of the non-subjective benefits of embedding Instagram Feeds on websites.

Many businesses and marketers see subjective benefits out of it, which makes using it again and again beneficial. 


Stick to traditional marketing strategies and adapt to the new marketing strategies that businesses and marketers are using extensively. Embedding these feeds into the website will also keep you ahead of your competitors and help you achieve your financial goals.



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