How to Apply Blush 5 Steps Tutorial

You don’t have to put on a face full of makeup in order to brighten up what you naturally have. There are a few simple ways to put on daily makeup that can enhance your natural features. Even if you aren’t familiar with makeup application, you can apply it without much effort at all. It only takes a few minutes to put on makeup and it can make you feel great.

The right amount of blush on your cheeks can make you look flirty, girly, and fun. The wrong amount of blush can make you look like a mess! Fortunately, putting on the right amount of blush isn’t as difficult as you may think. All you need is a little bit of practice and you’ll be a blush master in no time.

1. Put on Foundation

Blush should be the last thing that goes on after you’re done putting on your primer and foundation. If you use a liquid foundation make sure you let it dry for a few minutes before you move onto the next step.

2. Grab Your Brush

A blush brush can make it a lot easier to apply blush than it was in the past. You can find these brushes everywhere and they range in price from $10 – $30 depending on the brand. These are puffy and light so that they grab onto the blush and blend on your face evenly.

3. Grab Your Blush

Next, you will need to lightly dab your blush brush into the blush. You can use any color that you would like; there are a lot of great blush colors available to choose from. Make sure you do not grab that much blush and that you tap the brush on the side of the container a couple of times to get rid of the extra powder.

4. Apply the Blush

Once the blush is on your applicator, smile like you normally would throughout the day. While looking in the mirror, sweep the brush from the apple of your cheek over to your ear. You should now see a light pink color show through where you just applied the brush. Repeat this on the other cheek so that both sides have the same amount of pink on each.

5. Apply Powder

To finish the process, take some translucent powder and brush it on your skin under the bottoms of the eyes. After this, blend the powder in gently until you have the look you desire. This will soften the blush and make it appear more natural. It will also give you a nice glow that makes you look more vibrant.

Although these may seem like a lot of steps, they don’t take that long. Once you get the hang of doing all of them, you will get a lot better.


– If you applied too much blush; don’t panic! All you have to do is take a clean brush and sweep it over the blush area on your cheeks. You can also use a soft and clean hand towel if you don’t want to use one of your brushes.

– Don’t apply blush all over your face. Make sure you only brush it on the apples of your cheeks in a soft sweeping motion. Too much blush is going to make your face looked flush and very red.

– It’s important to use the right color of blush on your cheeks. There are hundreds of colors out there for all skin tones. Also, make sure the color does not have shimmer in it.

– Practice in the mirror on a day when you have some spare time. This will allow you to perfect your technique so you don’t mess it up when you already have a full face of makeup on.


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