The web, today, is relatively more different than what it was at its starting phase. In its early days, all websites were designed using text and a few static HTML’s basics. Presently, websites provide a seamless user-experience with their design and performance. This is because of the content management system (CMS), like WordPress. This article will guide for performing HTML to WordPress conversion.

Why Upload HTML Static File To WordPress?

There are several reasons where you need to upload HTML files to your website.

Need Existing HTML Templates

If you wish to use HTML templates present on your old website on the new website, can to upload those HTML templates on the new site. Creating the same templates twice is quite a tedious and time-consuming task. Instead of creating them again, the best option is to upload the previous HTML templates on the new site.

Need Custom Page Layout

The WordPress website incorporates multiple themes to design the website. Many times, you may not find the right theme or the desired theme for the website. If the desired page layout is not present in the existing WordPress theme, you have to upload an HTML file, containing the desired page layout and design.

For uploading HTML files on WordPress, you have to check WordPress with Google Search Console, and use the suggested method for uploading Google HTML verification file. The Google Search Console tool is responsible for raking your website and making it appear in the search engine.

Uploading the HTML file may create some errors on the WordPress website. Before starting the HTML to WordPress conversion, below are some specific elements you have to take care of:

  1. You must always backup the WordPress website before uploading HTML files to it. If anything goes incorrect while uploading, you can restore the WordPress website’s backup.
  2. Before you upload HTML files, you must create a staging website, a copy of the live website. Any changes made to the staging website will not reflect on the live website.

A Guide For Uploading HTML Files To WordPress

There are three different ways for the HTML to WordPress conversion. Let us view each method in detail.

Upload HTML Files From WordPress Dashboard

Below steps will guide you in uploading HTML file from the WordPress Dashboard:

  • Firstly, you need to sign-up to WordPress. You will observe a dashboard, having multiple options on the left side. Select the ‘Media’ option and later click on ‘New’.
  • Like you upload images and videos to WordPress from the media library, upload HTML files likewise.

You may notice an error while uploading HTML files from the media library. No worries. You can try with the below two methods.


  • Go to the WordPress dashboard. If you do not have a WordPress account, you can sign-up to it.
  • Click on the New Post or Page.
  • Select the ‘+’ sign from the page to create a new block
  • You will notice several options. Select the ‘File’ option. You can now upload HTML files.

Classic Editor

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard, or else, sign-up to WordPress if you have not done it earlier.
  • Click on the New Post or Page.
  • Click in the ‘Add Media’ option on the top. You can upload HTML files on your page.
  1. Upload HTML Files With cPanel

The alternative method to convert site to WordPress is using cPanel.

  • Go to the Web Host account, sign-up there, and access cPanel.
  • You will notice ‘File Manager’ on the right side of the windowpane. Click on it. There you have to select the ‘public_html’ folder. There are three sub-folders under the ‘public_html’ folder – wp-admin, wp-includes, and wp-content.
  • On top of the window, there is a ‘+Folder’ option. Create a new folder using this option and name it as you wish.
  • In the newly created folder, you can upload zip files.

For converting a file into a zip file, you have to make an index.html file as index.php. The WordPress website also has the index.html file. If you upload the file with index.html name, the existing file will get overwritten. Once you rename your file and zip the folder, upload it to the folder you created.

Upload HTML Files With File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Below steps represents uploading HTML files using FTP:

  • Download the Filezilla software on the desktop, start it, and fill information, like username, hostname, password, and port number. Click on ‘QuickConnect’. Doing this will establish a connection of your PC with the webserver.
  • Click on the ‘public_html’ folder from the Remote site panel. Create a new folder here by clicking right and selecting the ‘Create directory’ option.
  • Choose the desired HTML file from the Local site panel, right-click on it, and press the ‘Upload’ option.


WordPress is one of the most desirable website creation platforms, having built-in content-types, themes, and plugins. You can follow any one of the three methods to upload the HTML file to WordPress.



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