How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

What is Google Analytics?

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

Google Analytics is a web analytics service/tool provided by the Google that helps the user gain Business Insights of their Website. Moreover it is a platform that that helps track the web traffic and creates reports on them. Such as How many User sign up on your website, How many user return back to use your service, and how many users Purchases your service or product and lastly how many refers your website to other Members. In all these Google Analytics helps track the traffic on your Websites.

Importance of Google Analytics

  1. Ensure that website serves the Audience Correctly
  2. Optimizes the Sources of the Website’s Traffic
  3. Improves the Content and its strategy based on the Customer Result.
  4. Helps Track the Marketing Campaigns
  5. Ranks the Pages that performs Well

How Google Analytics is Important and how it helps in gain better Business Insights?

Some more reason why Google Analytics are important and especially if it’s a Blog Post or Business Website.

1. Audience Overview Report

Audience Overview Report

2. Customer Acquisition Report

Customer Acquisition Report

3. Real-time Behavior Report

Real-time Behaviour Report

4. Segmentation with Google Analytics

Segmentation with Google Analytics

5. Setting Goals in Google Analytics

Goals in Google Analytics

6. Customized Reports and Google Analytics

Customized Reports and Google Analytics

7. Setting the Alerts in Google Analytics

Alerts in Google Analytics

8. PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

Type of Audience and use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps identify Quantitative as well as Qualitative Analysis.

  1. Acquisition: % of New Users visits your website.
  2. Activation: % of Users who activates their account.
  3. Retention: % of Users who comes back to reuse the service.
  4. Referral: % of Users who refers your website to other users.
  5. Revenue: % of Users who purchase your service.

How Google Analytics is important for WordPress Website

Google Analytics can be used for WordPress Website and enable a WordPress Website to also achieve same benefits those mentioned above. We will learn How to set up the Google Analytics for the WordPress as we go along.

Google Analytics with Plugin or without Plugin

2 Methods to Apply Google Analytics in the WordPress Website. Either By WordPress Plugin or without a plugin.

Follow the Steps Below.

1. Signup with Google Analytics.

Before we set up Google Analytics in our Website we need to Sign up for Google Analytics.

a. Log in to Google

Log in to Google

Log in to Google

b. Create an Analytics Account

Create an Analytics Account


c. Set up property

Set up property

d. Finish the SetupFinish the Setup



e. Set up a Data Stream

Set up a Data Stream

Set up a Data Stream

Set up a Data Stream

f. Find your ID and Tracking Code

Find your ID and Tracking Code

Find your ID and Tracking Code

Google Analytics with WordPress Plugins

1. Site Kit by Google

It is the official plugin By Google for WordPress Website to enable the use of Google Analytics

First Install and Activate the Site Kit Plugin on the WordPress Website.

Search console plugin

Search console plugin

Next we need to connect the WordPress Website to the Analytics Account.




2. GA Google Analytics


First Install and Activate your Google Analytic.


Below the Property Section Select Tracking Info, then click on Tracking Code,


The Tracking ID will start with UA and be at the top of this section:


At your WordPress Website dashboard, select the Settings then Google Analytics, Scroll down to Plugin Settings and add your tracking code in the relevant field.


3. Monster Insights

First  Install and Activate the MonsterInsights plugin

Monster Insights

Next, Select the ‘Connect MonsterInsights’ Button

Monster Insights

Next Sign In to the Google Account

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

Add account

Accept the Required Permissions.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

verify account

Next, Select your Website and Click Complete Connection.

Add google analytics

Now the Google Analytics will be installed on your Website.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress


Finally save by pressing the Button




Now the Generated Reports can be reviewed


Moreover if you think this is a hectic task and you’re not worthy enough for this then try WordPress SEO Services to get this work done by professionals.

Google Analytics without the Plugin

1. Manually Connect Google Analytics and WordPress with Code




2. Integrate Google Analytics and WordPress with Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager

Google tag manager admin

Google tag manager admin

3. Sync Google Analytics Locally for Performance Reason

Google tag manager admin

Get Maximum output from Google Analytics

  • Track User engagement in WordPress with Google Analytics
  • Track Woo commerce Customers
  • Track outbound link in WordPress


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