Technology is transforming every aspect of life very quickly. Excessive dependence on technology has led to a drastic change in the way you all used to live. You all are being dependent on technology from small to big tasks.

From cleaning the floors to monitoring the performance of employees, you somewhat are using technology. Technology has shown dramatic transformation in the labour market too. Various tools are out there that you must be using to increase efficiency at the workplace from shortlisting candidates to providing training to onboard candidates.

With advanced technology, it has become easier to automate repetitive tasks. After the outbreak of the pandemic, now the workplace will have to rely more on technology. From hiring candidates to training onboarding staff, everything will be done with software.

Now the aim is to build a contactless workplace. You are no longer in a position to work the same way you used to. For instance, remote employees will be hired, and as a result, you will need performance tracking software and other solutions to carry out meetings to discuss projects and give feedback. Here is what technological solutions you will need to build a contactless workplace:

Investment in Augmented Reality (AR) will grow

Whether you are running a small company or a big company, it is essential to provide new staff training. Although your onboard staff will have skills to prove that they are capable of contributing something to your company, you will need to provide them with training to understand what they are expected and what they are supposed to do.

Most of the companies are now hiring remote employees. Since the pandemic has forced all of you to communicate with enough gap between you and the other, they are looking to hire remote employees. This way, they are managing to ensure the safety and ability to save money in building expenses.

However, this has caused worries about the ways to train remote candidates. Here comes in AR solutions. Various companies are trying to come up with AR solutions best known for learning, training and communication.

According to experts, this type of technology can increase productivity and efficiency of your employees. Likewise, some companies are using VR tools to provide training to their staff. These VR platforms can provide different training types to employees, for example, soft skills honing, operational efficiency training, and the like. However, AR and VR training tools are a bit expensive, but companies are figuring out how to whittle down the cost.

Intelligent solutions are making contactless workplaces

In times gone by, office image used to be no different from large racks with stacked files and some loose papers with a pen case lying on the table. Thanks to digitisation, that has dramatically changed the appearance of the workplace.

Now you do not need to take care of everything manually because you can rely on software. They have reduced their dependence on paperwork. Now you do not need to record your staff’s attendance on registers because online systems can mark your employees present or absent.

Some offices are equipped with modern features, including contactless technology. You do not need to punch the card or open the door before entering the room. Voice recognition software will identify you with your voice as you order it allow you to enter. There are several apps you can use to whittle down the contact points in your workplace.

Amid the pandemic, some companies are using the technology to ensure people are using social distancing norms. Amazon uses an AI-powered tool to ensure proper distancing between employees in the fulfilment centres.

As people walk past the camera, a monitor displays a live video to show if people have maintained enough gap. It highlights green circles when the norm is not violated and red circles when people do not hold enough distance.

Virtual meetings are on the rise

Remote working has come a long way, but it has been recently prevalent because of the pandemic. Most companies are operating from home, which means people do not have to commute to their offices. However, employers need to schedule meetings sporadically and that they can do with software.

Technology has made it easier to attend meetings. Virtual meetings have become very popular. Whether you have to discuss a new project or share feedback, you can do it with software. Some tools can allow you to share text along with video communication. Video conferencing tools are the best way to make things happen smoothly.

Technology has changed the workplace drastically, and it will keep revolutionising it. It has improved the way you all used to do work. Now you can automate various repetitive tasks and increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Though tech solutions can make your life better, they are generally expensive. If you are looking to improve your workplace by adopting advanced technology and your savings are not enough, you can take out 15-minute loans.


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