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How much does it cost to hire accounting firms in Singapore for 2021?

Accounting firms, Singapore has gained popularity for being open, transparent, and friendly when it comes to current and incoming investments. It has been one of the most business-friendly countries that is why investors and corporations have been flocking in the streets of Singapore. There are many big corporations that are situated in the business districts of Singapore. There are those that are from the technology, mining, architectural, and engineering industries. 

Due to the influx or the high number of these kinds of businesses in Singapore, there is also an emergence of different third-party firms that provide services to these big companies. One example of these kinds of firms is the HR companies and the accounting firms in Singapore. These types of firms aim to provide services that may be too hard or too complicated for small and big businesses to handle. They make a living by taking care of different tasks from a company. Nowadays, this type of service is gaining popularity as it presents many perks and benefits to a company. Let us take a look at those that offer accounting services Singapore commissions. 

Accounting firms in Singapore that offer third-party services are widely known as they offer so much convenience, especially for big companies. This sector has grown widely, so today there are various choices. These accounting firms in Singapore offer similar but slightly different services depending on how they approach accounting matters. These firms also differ when it comes to the price of the accounting services Singapore commissions that they offer. As a company, you would want to get the most out of the rates and costs that you are going to pay the accounting firms in Singapore. So, to know more, let us talk about how much accounting firms in Singapore costs and what are the factors that affect this.

Costs of hiring one

Firms that offer accounting services Singapore work are not cheap services. However, they are practical which means that you will be getting your money’s worth in terms of work done and benefits to your company. When you hire these accounting firms in Singapore, they would only take less time doing the accounting work that would take you several days. This is why it is more cost-effective to hire one. Since they are already trained professionals, they can immediately do and accomplish certain tasks and duties. Therefore, even if they would cost you a significant amount of money, you will get the rightful amount of work in return.

Outsourcing firms that offer accounting services Singapore work is what companies opt to do. Since there are different types of accounting work there are also different rates for it. A simple bookkeeping work can cost you around S$100-S$150 per month depending on the amount of bookkeeping. When it comes to payroll services, it usually costs S$10-S$25 per employee. While it is S$400 for tax services since it requires more work than the other two services. Some accountants may charge hourly rates that may be S$30 to S$85 an hour depending on many factors. These rates are only estimates and would still depend on different factors. To know more, here are some of the factors that can influence the rates of accounting firms in Singapore. 

Things that can affect the cost

Load of work

Firstly, the amount or load of the accounting services Singapore work that you are requiring would greatly affect the rates or costs. As stated above, light bookkeeping would cost less than tax services because it requires less work and fewer hours. When it comes to payroll, the number or volume of employees also affects the rates. Sometimes, the rate per employee on the payroll may be discounted if there are large numbers. 

Experience of the accountant

The experience of the accountant is also a factor since this would mean more productivity and more work done. When work is done in a faster manner, that means that there can be more things that can be accomplished. This is why as the chosen accountant from the accounting firms in Singapore is more experienced, they usually cost more.

Location of the business

Other things that can affect the costs of accounting firms in Singapore is the location of businesses from their office. That is why it is important to choose those that are accessible to your company to have cheaper costs when it comes to transportation services and other fees.


There are many accounting firms in Singapore that offer similar services, however, not all are practical choices. WLP Group offers the most affordable and highest quality services in Singapore. Visit us today to know more.

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