How Instagram hit with the kids

How Instagram hit with the kids?

How Instagram hit with the kids

If you compare kids of before and now you will surely realize that they hardly share common habits. While back in the day going out for matches and sports with our friends every evening was common but now you will have to force your children to leave their phones and head out. You will see them making online videos and scrolling through their phone the entire day.

One of the main reasons is Instagram, a social media app which all about its visuals, extraordinary funny and creative videos, and photography skills. A platform that allows you to connect with your friends and peers and keep you entertained. Available to every other person who is older than 13 years of age. Know more about the app and its features which attract the kid’s attention.

How Instagram hit with the kids


How Instagram hit with the kids

Instagram is a user-friendly app, It has focused well on its compatibility and worked on its versatility. Unlike any other app, you are less likely to face fewer issues with it. The easy download and navigation throughout the app make it much for feasible and famous among children too.

Give you opportunities

Kids dream of a lot of things and not only dream but have the excitement and zeal to achieve each one of them. They want to know what opportunities are available out there and want everyone to know what they have achieved this far too. They are attracted to the feature of Instagram such as story posting, small scale businesses, seeing others posts on their topic of interest, and people who motivate and support them.

You can start your own business page and get your products the audience it deserves. You can make use of hashtags and tags to get a better reach. Instagram has a better reach in comparison to any other social media platform. You can even give the audience the option of going through your products and redirecting them to your official webs

How Instagram hit with the kids

How Instagram hit with the kidste.

Keeps you entertained

Kids have many idols of their own and they are quite infatuated by what they do. They are always eager to know what is happening in their lives. And nothing allows you better access into a person’s lives better than Instagram. From famous celebrities to your neighborhood uncle, I am sure you can find them all here. Everybody wants to know what happens with others and each one of us can agree that getting famous on such a reputed platform is a big deal.

Instagram uses its algorithm and allows you to see posts regarding topics that you have looking at online and are interested in. And if you find a series of videos and posts that you are interested in surely your screen time will skyrocket.

How Instagram hit with the kids

Ease in sharing information

Kids are often not involved in sharing their information with their parents, they keep their thoughts and issue well hidden. With Instagram’s direct message feature they connect well and pour their heart out in front of their friends.  They could even message a person who is not on their friend’s list and contact them easily.

Promises you a future

This generation sees and considers the number of likes and comments they receive on their posts as a huge success. Since Instagram Is considerably installed and used by everyone, wanting to get famous on this platform may attract a kid’s attention. It can turn out to be quite competitive. The continuous competition may lead the kid to create some unique content and get famous.

How Instagram hit with the kids

There are many influencers who are earning through this platform. There are many numbers of kids too who are categorized as Instagram influencers. It is a real-time job and helps them pay off their bills and expenses.

Instagram gives you quite an experience when you on your phone. It surely makes you forget about the time with the content present there. Not only texting but placing calls and video call both. It has limited features but surely it covers each aspect of that feature thoroughly. Texting is a huge factor in Instagram.

With you sharing memes on this platform it is likely that you would be interested in more of a personalized way of typing. Why stick to the basic default board when you can make your Instagram experience far better. You can add on a much feasible and easier-to-use keyboard. Bobble allows you to download various keyboards, the ones in various languages which will surely be much more fun. Not only one or two but about more than a hundred languages to begin with Like the Malayalam Keyboard app. Have fun and discover many languages with this app.

It is easy to use so no need to worry about the complexity when it comes to being used by children. Kids can have fun with these keyboards when using Instagram. The small joys provided by Bobble leads to an exceptional future experience.

How Instagram hit with the kids

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