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How important are servers to a restaurant business?

restaurant business

Servers are the face of the restaurants. When guests walk into a restaurant how do you make them feel in the first 2 minutes can be really important for your guests. Servers should make the guests feel welcomed. How can one run the restaurants without servers? Servers play a crucial role in this business. Even when some restaurants can afford robots for serving food, the role of an actual steward and stewardess cannot be replaced .

Running a restaurant business has its level of challenges. There are many factors that make a restaurant business flourish. First come the quality of food, ambiance and location. However, if a restaurant lacks quality steward and stewardess it can never be great in service.

Guests like to be attended to and pampered, especially when they pay for a service. It is the responsibility of the restaurateurs to provide quality service to the customers, and servers take them to their guests.

In today’s time with increasing takeaway options and food delivery services. People have ample options to dine at the comfort of home or elsewhere, than stepping into a restaurant. When guests decide to dine at your restaurant, it is the responsibility of the restaurateur to take care of everything for the customers. Making sure of a fully cleansed, sanitized ambiance is important.

Best and must have qualities of a restaurant server.


A good server/host should be flexible and adaptable in handling the customers. Guests with different states of mind step in. Some customers may be irate and difficult to deal with. Servers get to meet people with different preferences, so they should be able to handle all of them with the utmost hospitality by putting customer’s choices first.

Warm and friendly:

A warm and friendly personality can help you in a long way. Asking friendly questions and recommending specials can help you earn customers’ trust and may reward you with a hefty tip.

Being observant:

For servers it might be hard to keep an eye on all five tables at a stretch but being observant is one of the important qualities of a server. You have to be alert and keep an eye on the guests to make sure that you do not keep them waiting for the next course or the dessert.

Customer centric :

Servers have to be customer centric and being customer centric is one of the best ways to make your guests come back for more. Prioritizing customers ‘ choices and making sure to take care of them during the time of dining will build your restaurant for good.

Keeping the tables tidy:

In this new normal maintaining a clean and a salubrious atmosphere is more important. You might provide the tastiest food in the entire world but if the tables are untidy you will never earn your customers’ trust. It is the responsibility of the server to keep the tables always clean and tidy. Stewards have to make sure that the restaurant is sanitized and good enough for the customers.

Be quick to help:

restaurant business

People do not like to wait especially once they order from the menu. They would like  the food on the table in the next 5 minutes, thus being quick in serving the food and drinks is important and the ability to multi-task is also an add on.

Team Player:

A good server should be a team player, he should communicate well with his team members and kitchen staff in getting the work done. Also, effective communication is vital for the steward and the stewardess when taking orders from his guests. In case if something goes wrong he/she should be able to take care of it in a professional manner.


Servers have to be presentable. Cleanliness should never be compromised at any cost. Should always keep the hands and nails clean and hygienic.  Furthermore,  should follow the  rules and health guidelines.

Servers are the cornerstone for restaurant business.  Restaurants cannot function fully without the dedicated staff members. They are the true pillars of the restaurant business.

When servers make sure that every customer who walks in walks out happily with the service received it is also the responsibility of the restaurateurs to take care of their employees. Sometimes customers might overlook the contribution that they are rendering to the firm, but it is the accountability of the restaurant owners to take care of them.

Thus, servers are vital to the restaurant business. Taking care of them well will ensure that your customers will be taken care of by them well.



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