Choosing The Right Home EV Chargers


With the current tide of electric cars trending in the automobile market, the necessity for charging them up arises. Earlier the fuel combustion process did not require any electric charging and so just filling up the fuel tank would be enough for starting the engine. Now the needs are changing fast. So we all have to look for new solutions to our requirements.

The release of electric cars has also led to the building up of multiple electric car charging points in various places. Usually one would need to get to those stations for getting their vehicles charged, just as cars running on fuel would go to the fuel station to fill the tank. But unlike the gas station situation, you may make up your mind to install a charging station at your place.

In this way, you can easily avoid the hassle of going to such electric charging stations and wait in a queue for your chance. But this is not so simple and needs to be done right as there are several things to be considered. One is the proper choice of home EV chargers which is extremely important. Here is a guide that shall help you to make the right decision.

Steps for choosing your home EV chargers

The first thing is to determine how fast of a charger do you want? Speed of charging is important to settle with otherwise you might, later on, feel it to be too slow. Then there in any way shall be no point in getting your charging station if the waiting time is a lot. The charging speed depends on the amperage of the charger or even on the electric current.

Now you need to analyze your driving habit to make sure your charging speed requirement. If you drive for longer miles or at high speed or even your car has a lesser range, then a fast charger is best for you. 32 amps are the average level of consumption for EVs, which also helps in increasing the range by 25 miles extra, per hour. There is also a possibility of getting 50 amps for your charger as it can raise your EV range to 37 miles per hour.

Now balancing the current of your house electric system with that of the Rolec EV charger is most important as a wrong combination can be dangerous. So you need to check your home electrical panel to understand its capabilities. In case it isn’t enough to support the charger then you need to upgrade it.

Selecting a proper location is necessary for various reasons like cost-efficiency, easy use, etc. In case you are going to apply for the olev grant, you should check the eligibility criteria of it as the location of your charger is also a significant feature.

Maintaining safety throughout the installation and then also for daily usage is of utmost importance. So it is also necessary to choose a reputed, reliable, nationally tested, and certified EV charger. If you purchase a charger for your home use with EV ENERGY STAR, you will also be able to lower your energy cost and pay less amount of electricity bills.

Hence installing an EV charger at home can be convenient even if it is a risky job to install it properly.


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