When we talk about our wardrobe or fashion or styling look, sunglasses are the essential accessory to carry. Sunglasses are not only summer majors but also winter, in fact, in every season. They serve a purpose to protect you from sun radiation and glare and make you look cool and stylish. Various styles are available in sunglasses for women and men both.

One pair of sunglasses is a must in your wardrobe. Either you wear it or not. Always keep one. People often wear sunglasses in a variety of types, but they have no idea what suits them. They follow new trend design in sunglasses blinding, not considering how it looks on their face.

Sunglasses are easily affordable for everyone, and it’s the best gift to someone. But again, according to their face shape and suiting. When you buy women sunglasses, always remember that a properly fitted pair of glasses for your face and personality is there. To get properly fitted glasses, you need to measure your face. It’s like tailored suits; they are made according to our sizes. Let’s have a look at some popular types of women sunglasses:

  1. Butterfly
  2. Cat-eye
  3. Club master
  4. Aviators
  5. Round shape
  6. Oval shape
  7. Rectangular
  8. Funky
  9. Oversized
  10. Wayfarer

For buying new pair of sunglasses for women, you mostly try some new designs or randomly try what suits you. But here are some tips to find a properly fitted sunglass for yourself.

You Should Know Your Face Shape Before Buying Sunglasses for Women

It’s very astonishing to know that most people don’t know their face shape. When they are asked, or they are looking for product guides, they get confused. So firstly, you should have knowledge of face shape, its measurements, of course, measurements change with time as you age. To know your face shape accurately, measure your cheekbones, jawline, face length and use those measurements to compare with the charts guides given, and you will know your shape. Face shapes are:

  1. Round
  2. Rectangle
  3. Heart
  4. Oval
  5. Diamond
  6. Square


  1. Round

Round shape face is identical width and length of the face; they are free of the jawline, broad cheekbones. Wear sunglasses that make your face appear slimmer. Aviators, wayfarers, cat eyes, butterfly, rectangular are mostly ones that suit on round face shape.

  1. Rectangle

The rectangular face has jaw and forehead equal measure. Face length is greater than width. Choose massive looking glasses, something large, aviators with a large frame, round glasses in big size, Small frames will prominent your features.

  1. Heart 

Chin is the narrowest part of the face and wide forehead. Small and medium sunglasses are best for heart shapes to face as they balance out slender jawline and wide forehead: Frameless, neutral, or bright colored glasses, wayfarers, aviators, small frames, round glasses.

  1. Oval 

People with Oval face shapes are lucky; almost every style of sunglasses suits them. Cheekbones form the widest section of the face; the chin is rounded. Butterfly, cat eyes, Aviators, round, rectangular shape glasses suit oval shape faces.

  1. Diamond 

Diamond face shape has broad cheekbones and a defined chin. D-framed sunglasses are best for diamond face shape. Any frame wider than your cheekbones will make a face prominent and making the forehead, chin smaller.

  1. Square 

Square face shapes have broad cheekbones and a strong jawline. Glasses frame should be equal to the face’s width, frameless, cat eyes, aviators, large glasses, colored frames suit square face shape. If you have bold features go for larger sunglasses for women.

Bottom line

Pair of best-suited sunglasses do not only look good on you but also ease your sight and protect your eyes. If you are not a fan of wearing sunglasses, but you want your wardrobe updated, these tips will surely help you get one best-suited sunglasses. Every outfit becomes more attractive and prominent when we pair sunglasses with it. Invest in good quality eyewear, as it’s for your own sake and style.


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