Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 permits students to study, live, and work after completing their education. It is also known as a TR, allowing international aspirants to study and work for up to four years. It is specifically for students who have completed their studies relevant to Australia’s needs. Here get to know about the visa subclass 485, following which you can apply for it. 

Categories of the visa

The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 has three categories; the Graduate Work Stream, the Post-Study Work Stream, and the Second Post-Study Work Stream. 

    1. Graduate Work stream

International aspirants, who have completed their graduation in the specific occupation, can opt for a Visa Subclass 485After obtaining the visa, you can come and reside in the country temporarily and can bring your family also. Hong Kong passport holders have the permission to stay for five years with the visa, and for others, it is 18 months. The time required to get the visa can vary from six to nine months. 

    1. Post-Study Work stream

Students who have completed their studies from an Australian education institution can apply for it. With the visa, you can stay between two and four years based on the qualification. However, Hong Kong aspirants can reside for five years. The processing time for this category is four months. 

    1. Second Post-Study Work stream

It is a post-study work stream visa for students who have completed their studies from an institute in Australia in a regional area. The time for which you can reside is between one and two years, based on the course. For Hong Kong aspirants, it is the same as other categories. 

Eligibility Criteria

Graduate Work stream and Post-Study Work stream

    • Age and visa requirements: Applicants applying for the visa must hold an eligible visa. They should be below 50 years while applying for it; otherwise, the visa application will get cancelled. 
    • Skill Assessment: Clear the skill assessment requirements and give adequate health insurance, an AFP check, and evidence of English level language. The Australian authorities are strict, and if you do not fulfil the requirements, you will not get the visa. 
    • Course Tenure: Complete the course requirements successfully, and the course tenure should not be less than 16 calendar months. The program should be taught in English and a CRICOS-registered course. For the last six months, you should hold a student visa and qualify according to the skilled occupation list. 
    • English Language Requirements: If you cannot show a valid passport, you must prove your English proficiency. It is a must and the English test available you can attempt to qualify are Cambridge C1 Advanced test, Occupational English Test (OET), Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). 
    • Other Specifications: Before applying for subclass 485, ensure that you have attained the health and character requirements. You must also have adequate health insurance and sign the Australian value statements without fail. Candidates preparing to apply for the visa must not have a previous visa application cancelled or refused. In case you have any debts under the Australian government, clear them off or make some necessary arrangements. 

Second Post-Study Work stream

The criteria for this category are similar to Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work stream. The other criteria are:

    • Completed studying with an Australian education provider: You must have completed your studies from an Australian institute based in the regional area. Also, they should live in the designated regional area for two years before applying for the visa. 
    • Study and work in the designated area: If you have worked and studied earlier holding a Temporary Graduate Post-Study Work Stream Visa, it should be in the designated area. Also, you have to provide proofs for all of these when you apply. 

Accomplishing all the criteria is of utmost importance; otherwise, your visa application form will either get rejected or cancelled. The Australian authorities will check each and every aspect before sanctioning the visa. To avoid any mistakes, it is better to hire an immigration Agent in Perth.

Important FAQs

    1. Do I need to go for an English test for Visa 485?

Yes, applicants must have to prove English proficiency as it is one of the visa requirements. Without knowing how to speak in English, you cannot apply for it. The test you can go for is Cambridge C1 Advanced test, Occupational English Test (OET), Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT), etc. 

    1. Can you specify the processing time for the TR visa?

The processing time for the Graduate Work stream is six to nine months and the Post-Study Work stream is four months. Also, it depends on things like if you have filled the visa application form properly with all the details. The Immigration services Perth can help you with this. 

    1. Do I need to have health insurance for subclass 485?

Yes, you must have health insurance for a subclass 485, for which you must provide the details while applying. 

    1. Is a subclass 485 a migration visa?

No, it is a temporary visa, giving you the right to work, study, and live in the country. 

    1. Do I have to go for a health assessment test for the visa?

Yes, you have to go for a health assessment before applying for the visa. For more information, the best Migration Agent Perth  will assist you. 


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