Future of Super Apps

Future of Super Apps business opportunities in 2021

Future of Super Apps

Hi Reader! You may be from any part of the world yet you would be familiar with super apps. Aren’t you! Super apps are about to redefine businesses by integrating multiple online services into a single app. Super apps are worth launching as you can gather users who are in need of various services.

While super apps are already in existence in SouthEast Asian countries, it is still new to Western countries like Europe, and the USA. In India, super apps are already creating expectations among people as two big giants Reliance and Tata are set to launch their super apps.

Therefore, irrespective of the country, the super apps have a huge scope. If you are ready to join the race, this blog has got your back. This blog will discuss the various intricacies of developing a super app like Gojek, from service-providing ideas to revenue models. Stay tuned!

Various services that can be offered through Future of Super Apps

Taxi services

The popularity of taxi services began with Uber, and now many budding businesses are offering taxi services. There are two categories of taxi services namely ride-hailing and ride-sharing. Ride-hailing is where passengers book taxis via your app. Through the set of smart features, passengers can track the taxi, make payments, know the arrival time in advance, etc. In the case of ride-sharing services, passengers will travel in taxis on a shared basis with co-passengers. 

Food delivery services

Future of Super Apps

Taxi and food delivery services are the two most availed services of all times. With your super app, you can provide food delivery services by partnering with various restaurants. Users will place their orders, the restaurants will get notified of the orders, prepare them, and deliver the orders through delivery persons. Users will have the privilege to track orders, know the estimated time of delivery, make the payments, etc. via the app itself.

There are solutions like the Gojek clone which can help you in launching a super app that offers these multiple on-demand services in one application.

Grocery delivery services

The grocery delivery services have started surfacing rapidly from the time the pandemic started. People are getting accustomed to buying groceries online as they are highly convenient. You can tie up with grocery stores and list their shop on your app. Users will search for grocery stores based on their location and purchase groceries.

Courier delivery services

Future of Super Apps

Courier delivery services may be new to many users and this is the best opportunity to turn users’ attention to your app. With your app, users can book courier services by entering their address and the destination to which they want to send the courier to. The delivery person will pick up the courier from the users’ location and dispatch it to the proper destination. Users will no longer have to run in search of courier services.

Alcohol delivery services

While every delivery service can be accomplished online, why not the alcohol delivery services? Again, you may be new to alcohol delivery services. It is just like any other delivery service, where the app will contain the list of alcohol suppliers, and users can choose the shop, type of beverage, and place the order. 

Medical services

Online telemedicine services will be welcomed among people if you include this service in your app. Through online medical services, one can get medical consultations via technical things like in-app calling, messaging features. Other than an online medical diagnosis, the app lets users book appointments to visit medical centers or hospitals. 

Pharmacy delivery services

Future of Super Apps

Through pharmacy delivery services, users have the convenience of ordering medicines from medical stores via the app. Having said that the super app has an array of smart features, they can upload their prescriptions on the app, and get the medicines delivered to their homes. Tata, a multinational company has acquired 1 mg, an online pharmacy store to deliver medicines, on-demand.

Handyman services

Users can book handymen via your app and avail a range of services like fixing leakages, dripping faucets, floor maintenance, painting, exterior decorations, and other repairing services. From the list of handymen on your app, users will book the ones who are available and also nearby.

Tow truck services

Users can quickly repair their vehicles by hiring on-demand roadside assistance. Users will have to enter the place and the tow truck service provider will come to the spot and provide the services. 

Babysitting services

Future of Super Apps

One of the most beneficial on-demand services for mothers. The on-demand babysitter services have replaced the conventional creches for kids and toddlers. Parents can hire babysitters on a paid basis through the app. You can either collaborate with agencies that provide babysitting services or individual babysitters. Users will book the babysitters based on their availability and the rent.

These are the various services that you can consider offering through your super app. Get to know the users’ expectations and offer services accordingly. Next, we shall move on to the revenue structure of the on-demand services business model.

The revenue model of the on-demand services

Commission fees 

Commission fees from various service providers will cover a major portion of your income. The more the number of services you offer, the more will be the commission fees you can earn.

Delivery charges

For services that require delivery, you can charge delivery fees in addition to the actual bill amount. Delivery charges will be based on the distance and your business norms. Collecting delivery fees will let you pay the salary for your delivery persons.


Income through advertising is one of the definite sources. Sell ads, and get paid for them on a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand basis.


Hey, I can assure you that developing a super app will take you places in a short time. Based on the list of on-demand services, you can decide on the services and market them for proper reach among users. Launch your Gojek clone and attain victory in no time. All the best!

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