Let’s finally bury the old-timey belief that floral prints are made solely for women. It’s 2021 and we’ve seen how floral shirts are becoming a staple in the men’s clothes section today. We’ve seen a couple of men rocking the fun, eclectic look, from high-profile models and celebrities to stylish gents on social media.

And yes, floral shirts have evolved from looking like your 50-ish uncle’s old-fashioned, Hawaiian shirt to edgy, fashion magazine-worthy button-downs and suits. 

While floral men’s shirts have come a long way, some gents can still commit a couple of style faux pas when wearing this striking garment. Bad floral shirts still exist in this world, and there are a million wrong ways to wear them. 

So if you’re planning to wear floral shirts and pull it off, we’re here to give you a few tips and tricks. 

1. Start with the key menswear color palette

white floral shirts

If you’re just beginning to inject florals into your wardrobe, going for familiar menswear shades is a great way to start. We’re talking about the black, white, gray, navy, army green, and brown shades. Floral shirts in muted shades and pastels look great on men. You may also go for a monochromatic tone. 

2. Get the fit right

Fit is everything. Even if you’re wearing a flashy, tropical-island pattern, you won’t look like a retired dad at a family reunion if you nail the fit. 

Dress your size. Your size shouldn’t be too baggy nor too tight, and not too long nor too short, for your built. Pick a shirt that sits effortlessly across the chest, and not tight on the arms. 

3. Choose the right floral pattern

subtle floral pattern

Floral styles have evolved from just the tropic, vacation-esque prints of palm and hibiscus to something that includes Native American, African, and English floral prints. We can see lovely prints of rose, sunflower, carnations, fern, paisley, Chinoiserie, making their way to men’s wardrobe. 

4. Avoid print overkill

Assorted flowers look great on a bouquet, but not so much on men’s clothes. Don’t stray off the garden path into the jungle by sticking to a single floral print. A contrasting color or two (like yellow flowers over a gray base) plus muted greens for the leaves is enough. 

5. Balance it with neutral layers and bottoms

floral shirts

We cannot stress enough the importance of balance and contrast in the world of fashion. When styling any floral shirt, turn it into a focal point. That being the case, avoid using bold colors and statement pieces elsewhere. 

To complement the striking patterns, keep the other elements bland. Pair your statement shirt with neutral chinos or shorts, jackets, and shoes. If you’re wearing a floral jacket or using a button-down as your top layer, wear a plain, neutral shirt underneath. 

6. Dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion

floral button down with neutral shirt and chinos

Depending on your purpose, your floral aesthetic can be elevated or pared down. If your goal is to stand out from the crowd, you may opt for a long-sleeved button-down or wear a bold floral suit over a plain, white tee or collared shirt. 

Neutral layers can also be used to add “peace” to the boisterous floral aesthetic. You can flip the switch and go for a statement floral button-down under a solid-colored suit or jacket. Pair it with timeless denim jeans or neutral chinos for a classy look that works well for every occasion. 

7. Subtle, small-scale patterns for workplace 

floral shirt for work

If you’re going to a casual get-together, you can go crazy with your patterns and clothing options. But if you’re dressing up for work, you might want to keep it low-key. 

Reserve your larger scale and bold prints for the weekends and opt for button-downs and tees with modest, micro-floral patterns. It’s also best to use colors of white, black, dark shades and muted tones as your base, and stay away from harsh contrasts (like red and purple, orange and green)

8. Punch up your look with floral accessories and footwear

Can’t commit to wearing a statement floral shirt? You can inject the floral aesthetic into your fashion game through accessories and footwear. Go for floral hats and caps, men’s ties, pocket squares, shoes, and socks. 

9. Keep the season in mind 

floral shirts for summer

We’re not suggesting you study horticulture to find out which flowers are on your clothes so you can wear them only in their blooming seasons. However, try to take the time to update your floral looks based on their colors. 

During summer and spring, when it’s hot out, it’s nice to go with bright and lively prints. When the season is getting chilly and dull, floral prints with black and maroon undertones look visually pleasing.

This 2021, inject extra fun, color, and playfulness into your sleepy wardrobe by going for striking floral patterns. Stand out. Take up space. Challenge the stereotypes. Life’s too short to constantly choose the safe, neutral route, don’t you think?

Author Bio:: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Rael Brook, a menswear retailer from Manchester UK, providing quality men’s shirts to trendy gents all over the world. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for fashion inspiration, you can find her writing articles about fashion and lifestyle. 


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