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Five Things You Should Know About Diva Divine Hair Toppers

Diva Divine hair toppers extensions and wigs based in India deals in best hair toppers, wigs, and human hair extensions with excellent hair care essentials. The hair extensions and wigs that we offer are unprocessed virgin hair from the temples of India and we don’t compromise its quality and durability. Most women in India don’t understand what hair toppers are and its benefits. Hair Toppers are a solution for you if you are having trouble with bald patches and thin hair. You have to be fully aware while choosing the best hair topper to purchase because not all hair brands offer hair products that are pure and durable. Here are five important things for you to know about Diva Divine hair toppers and why it is the perfect option for you:

#1. What are hair toppers?

Hair toppers are for those who are suffering from hair loss and bald patches. It also helps increase hair volume and is designed to conceal thin hairs at different parts of the scalp. Hair toppers are excellent in increasing coverage on the crown and top of the head. It blends well with your natural hair while your own hair is on show too. It is important to get hair toppers that match your own natural hair with the same tone and texture. Diva divine offers hair toppers with various tones, textures, and sizes for you to make the perfect choice and you can easily clip hair toppers by yourself without any additional costs and professional help.

Hair Toppers

#2. Diva Divine Offers The Best Hair Toppers For You.

Hair toppers that blend seamlessly with your natural hair and which fits with your personality, and lifestyle are the best for you. For example, if you often go to gym, dance, or play sports, temporary hair toppers with clip- ins are perfect for you because you can easily detach them. It is also important to know how much hair thinning and hair loss you have. Measure your thin or bald scalp from front to back or side to side and make sure to add an extra inch to secure the perfect base size. There are plenty of write ups on diva divine that will help you see how big of a coverage you need and choose the right base size of your hair topper.

#3. We offer the best hair topper without compromising its durability.

The hair toppers that diva divine offers guarantee you with high durability and will last anywhere from six months to over a year depending on how often you wear them and what hair care products you use. While we offer you a top-quality hair topper that is pure and unprocessed, it doesn’t mean that you can compromise on its maintenance. Your hair topper is expected to last longer if you use sulfate-free shampoos and store it in a box when you are not wearing it(which will prevent it from contamination and dust).

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Unlike your natural hair, hair toppers don’t collect oil from your scalp and don’t get any nourishment, so it is important that you apply hair conditioners and serum often. You may be wondering that washing your hair topper frequently may help it last longer. No, it doesn’t need to be washed often and we recommend you to wash it once a week. Since the hair topper doesn’t collect oil, it doesn’t get greasy. If you wash it often, it will cause hair dryness that will affect its longevity.

#4. Will The Hair Topper Damage Your Natural Hair?

Hair toppers will absolutely cause no harm to your natural hair. Since hair toppers are clipped in and you won’t wear it while sleeping or for a longer duration, it will reduce the stress on your natural hair which helps maintain a healthier hair. You have to make sure that you purchase the right hair topper because poor quality hair clips and toppers damage your hair and hurt your scalp.

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4.1 Do poor quality hair toppers make hair loss worse?

Yes, it does. Poor quality hair toppers have poor hair clips and pieces that result in pulling, tugging, and damaging your hair and scalp. The hair clip-ins will also cause headaches if it is not taken off when it’s not in need. Therefore, Diva Divine hair toppers offer you a top-quality hair topper that is created to help people suffering from hair loss and baldness.

#5. How To Clip In and Style The Hair Topper As You Wish.

Clipping in hair toppers is fast and easy and you do not require any assistance from an expert to wear it. Clip them close to your hair roots and they will hold it without being visible. If you Hairstyle the hair topper into the same style, it will naturally fall into the style effortlessly. The best way to have it styled as you wish is to try it on a mannequin head. Spray them with water and gently comb through, hair dry it, apply hair care essentials and hairspray, curl it or straighten it in the style you like and clip

it on your head to style the way you want. You can click to learn step by step tutorial to clip in hair toppers for different hair types by Diva Divine.

Hopefully, this article has made you understand more about hair toppers and the importance of choosing the best hair extension brand. When it comes to making the purchase decision, it’s good to prepare with the information so that you spend your money wisely. Diva Divine is the only professional hair extensions company to offer top quality hair extensions installation by certified technicians.

If you are looking for reliable hair toppers, Hair Extensions, wigs and other hair care essentials, visit Diva Divine hair extensions and wigs or contact us right now.

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