Almost one in two potentials first home buyers plan to buy this year. Here are 5 tips to stand out in a busy market.

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According to the Mortgage Option study, the Coronavirus pandemic has seemed to have strengthened the demand for owning a home. However, almost 45% of our latest study participants have said that they are more inclined to buy a house now, with a comparable proportion feeling positive about meeting their house ownership aims.

For many Aussie property investors, the pandemic has proven to be a ‘wake up’ opportunity that drives an emphasis on financial stability – now and in the lifetime.

ABS loan acceptance details back this up. The first operation for home buyers is at a 10-year peak, supported by government funds and record low-interest rates, two and maybe projected to rise by 2021.

To help you get ahead of the pack, here are five tips.

1 Deposit build-up

It’s understandable, but establishing a fair deposit is a perfect way to show you are a ‘good bet’ to any prospective investor. The higher your savings, the higher the opportunity of getting your loan accepted, and the less you have to lend, which would further minimize your mortgage repayments, as a general guideline. There are many assistance programs if you don’t have a huge investment, such as the First Home Loan Deposit scheme, that will help you buy your own house. Qualified candidates who were the first homeowners who have a mortgage as low as 5 percent are assured by the Program.

2 Soon on, go for healthy saving practices.

This could make it much easier for you to have a home loan broker in Melbourne later in the process with a history of daily savings. So, please ensure from an initial point that you fall into a consistent investing routine. Set up and practice operating on a discretionary budget. Work on the added expenses of buying a house, such as rates, renovations, and upkeep, and provide any monthly fees for debt repayments – all this money might go directly to your mortgage!

3 Review your credit record

It is worth testing your financial background before you apply for a home loan broker in Melbourne. Does your name have any black marks that might hinder your chances of obtaining a loan? Credit reference firms will supply you with a copy of your credit record to let you know if any questions can be addressed when applying for a mortgage or not. It is important to remember that if you do several credit background tests, be mindful that this may be seen by lenders and could likely be seen as a problem.

4 Prepare a pre-approval for yourself.

Having your credit background in order and a deposit made up, finding pre-approval when you go hunting for a home is always a smart decision. A pre-approval loan would give you a clear idea of what you can pay, so you’re not going to look for assets from outside your budget. By reviewing hundreds of home loan choices from a range of lenders, your local Mortgage Choice broker could help you obtain pre-approval.

5 Let the hunt start!

Now that you’ve made your deposit, obtained a mortgage broker’s professional advice, and arranged pre-approval, it’s time to step up your search. Carefully observe the market, analyze numerous suburbs, and look at several different properties so that you can get a strong idea of what is great value and why.

Apply genuine advice

home loan broker

No wonder when you’re on your house purchase tour now is the time to talk to the professionals if you’d like to put your house purchase efforts into action.

To give you a better idea of how much you should lend, Accounts NextGen is here to help you, and your local Mortgage Option broker could help you arrange a home loan pre-approval. When you finally discovered “the one,” it could also make you travel rapidly.


It’s not an easy feat to purchase a home, but halting the plan might not be successful either. Yeah, your sales will grow in the future, but so will your costs due to further financial obligations. So, be knowledgeable, and learn to handle your money well. You will still have to make some concessions, but then you’ll get the precious keys. It will all repay off!


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