Fashion Trends: How Do They Start?

People usually talk a lot about fashion trends and how they always prefer to keep their looks updated. But have you ever wondered how do these trends start? You may see models on the runway showing new types of patterns and clothing, or famous celebrities donning a particular outfit. And then the next thing you know, you are seeing that particular print everywhere from different clothing stores to your social media feed. A craze soon takes off that sees every fashion enthusiast rushing to get the piece, causing its demand to surge dramatically.

This happened with Khaki pants! It took the fashion industry by storm and people everywhere started to go crazy for them mainly because of two solid reasons. First, that it looks extremely stylish and second, that the pants are really comfortable.

How Fashion Trends Begin

Fashion trends though sometimes seem to happen by accident but, in reality, this is not necessarily the case. In today’s digital world, the internet and social media have changed the fashion trend game. In the less-digital decades of the past, fashion trends used to emerge via fashion houses and magazines. However, things are very different now! Here are some ways that influence fashion trends.

#1. Trend Books & Magazines

It’s not a surprise to know that most fashion trends emerge from trend books and magazines. Big fashion companies usually deploy teams of professionals to travel the world and find ideas for future fashion. They do this by observing and by gaining inspiration from different architectures, fabrics, and cultures. Once the team has gained enough ideas for fashion trends, they sort them, compile the best ones and publish them in either trend books or magazines. They are then sold to the public, spreading awareness of the upcoming trends for some time before efforts are made to commercialize them.

#2. Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are one of the best ways to highlight the next biggest trends of the upcoming seasons. For example, high-end Fashion Week events inspire a lot of trends. Therefore, many people wait in anticipation to see what the designers have in store for them for the next seasons. The main reason why multiple trends emerge from runway looks is that the outfits that are displayed are based on the original and creative ideas of the designers. These events also show couture pieces that are simply beautiful and designed for everyday wear.

#3. Bloggers & Influencers

Thanks to the prevalence of online blogs and social media platforms, both bloggers and influencers have become a major driving force that contributes to the process of trend creation. Such individuals often have an impressive following who look up to them for ideas and inspiration, including fashion. This is why many designers and brands reach out to influencers so they can endorse and market their products. Fashion bloggers and influencers often introduce their own trends by combining their outfits in interesting ways that get people talking. They then share their look on different social media platforms which creates even more buzz among their audiences.

#4. Street Style

Street style refers to the style that you see every day on the streets. These are the looks or outfits that people normally wear in their everyday life. It too can have its impact on other people. The reason why some people might get inspired by the street style is that it doesn’t take much effort to recreate the look. Also, people tend to follow these trends because they believe it is something they can pull off themselves. An example that originated from street style is the Coachella hippie look.

#5. Fashion Capitals of the World

Fashion trends vary all across the world which is why people are often eager to see what is going on in the fashion capitals of the world i.e. Paris, New York City, London, and Milan. They then observe what people are wearing before they try to adopt that trend. Also, this is why designers and fashion lovers travel to these cities to know what’s hip and in fashion.

#6. Celebrities

Perhaps one of the biggest driving forces responsible for creating trends is none other than celebrities. This is because they are already very famous and are followed by millions who like to copy everything that they do. Let’s take the example of the American reality TV star and entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner. Every time she shares a picture of herself on the photo and video sharing app, Instagram, her fans quickly go wild and try to dress the same way she dresses. There are also several fast fashion companies such as FashionNova that design and model some of its outfits based on Jenner’s style and market them as a cheaper alternative to what she may is originally wearing.

Also, since celebrities usually have a global fanbase, they normally have more reach as compared to magazines. It wouldn’t be wrong to call celebrities trendsetters as many people turn to them for style and fashion inspiration.


These are some of the main sources from where fashion trends originate from. Plus, these sources have the power to cause a big splash in the fashion industry. A trend usually starts with these key players before it finds its way to everyday people. Also, some of the fashion trends are not everlasting. So, keep experimenting and examine different fashion sources carefully in order to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends!


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