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THEVIEWALL is an online outsourcing platform that puts employers and businesses in contact with a global network of freelancers. Any associated clients can post a project, whether a short- or long-term job and choose from self-motivated freelancers who offer his/her freelance services on a competitive rate. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.
What fees does THE THEVIEWALL charge?
We are 100% Free for Freelancers. You or anybody can apply in Free for any listed job. We never ask for investment a single dime to get started freelance work.

How do I apply for a Job?

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I am a Freelancer, how will Talent Desire work for me?

With Theviewall, you can work at home and tap into a global network of businesses and projects across a huge range of industries – the ultimate opportunity in job flexibility! Work on what you want, when you want and where you want to! The lifestyle of a freelancer is taking off. By working as a Freelancer online, you can greatly increase your client base and job throughput.

What is an Hourly Project?

An hourly project is a project in which our clients pay to freelancers by the number of hours they have worked on the project. The theviewall will invoice clients for payment. Hourly projects are suitable for all types of projects, especially those which require a freelancer to work specific hours, projects with ongoing engagements, and projects where the scope is not clearly defined.

Is theviewall going to provide work for me?

theviewall does not offer any work, but we give you a system to find work from home.

When and how often will I be paid?

You will submit an invoice to us every two weeks (every other Friday). You can e-mail or mail the invoice to us. You will bill us for all the work completed during the preceding two weeks, including the day of the invoice. Your invoice will be paid 28 days after the invoice date.
Do I have any choice about when I perform my work?
In general, you can do your work any time you choose. There are a few exceptions however where client turnaround requirements impact the timing of our work.

Are there any requirements about where I do my work?

You can perform your work anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. We have set up data entry site on the Internet that you will log onto. We recommend a DSL or cable modem connection. After entering your user ID and password, you will choose from a list of projects. Each project has its own data entry screen. The data you enter will be immediately stored on the web server. When you are done working, just log off.

May I get other people to perform the work for me?

Yes, but only if you provide direct supervision, they sign theviewall confidentiality agreement, and you provide evidence of having performed appropriate criminal background checks.

How does theviewall know how much work I did?

When you log in to our data entry system, you will be required to enter a username and password. Your username will be recorded as part of the data for each document you process, thus giving us an accurate count of your work. This also gives us an audit trail for quality assurance and control.

Is there a quota I must satisfy?

In general, our freelancer specifies how much work they are able to do and we try to provide them with the amount they want. However, the amount of work we receive from our clients varies from week to week, so there is no guarantee we can always provide the full amount requested. Most of our freelancer perform work for us on a part-time basis with the average commitment ranging from 20-25 hours per week.