Familiarize Yourself With eVisitor Visa Subclass 651

The evisitor Visa Subclass 651 has been designed for passport holders pertaining only to the eligible countries. While you apply for this visa, you should be outside Australia. It is basically an electronically processed visa with which you can enter Australia. With this visa, you can visit Australia for as long as three months every time during a total time-frame of twelve months.

Crucial aspects to know prior to your application

Before you finally apply for your evisitor visa 651, you need to know a few important things related to it. These include the following:

    • Your primary purpose should be tourism for visiting Australia with this particular visa
    • With this visa, you are denied permission to work in Australia
    • You will be considered eligible for the various volunteer work tourism schemes
    • While visiting Australia with this particular visa, you can include your potential business visitor activities
    • With the Evisitor visa 651, you can study in Australia as long as three months
    • You can optimize your 651 visa to visit friends and family or for a holiday in Australia
    • You will be allowed to stay in Australia for three months each time you visit Australia with the Evisitor subclass 651 visa. You will be able to do so during the entire period of twelve months commencing from the date on which your 651 visa was granted.

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Fundamental eligibility criteria of the 651 visa

There are certain imperative criteria that you need to meet while applying for your 651 visa subclass. These include the following:

    • You should have access to adequate funds while you are visiting Australia with this particular visa. 
    • Make sure that you comply with the character requirements properly. Apply for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) alternatively, in case you have been inflicted by an unprecedented criminal conviction.
    • You should meet the relevant health requirements in the proper and expected way. According to these criteria, you need to obtain substantial health insurance which might vary reasonably according to your unique circumstances.
    • You should prove that you will stay in Australia temporarily on this particular visa. According to this criterion, you cannot stay in Australia for more than three months each time you visit the country with this particular visa. However, you are allowed to enter and leave Australia as many times as you want within a time-frame of twelve months and
    • Most importantly, you should be the passport holder of an eligible nation.

You can apply for the evisitor visa 651 without any application charge. Do you know why? This is because the Department of Home Affairs allows eligible applicants to apply for and obtain this visa completely for free.

Eligible Nations of the Evisitor Visa 651

As already said that applicants pertaining to certain nations can only apply for the evisitor visa 651. A complete checklist of the eligible nations can be considered below.

    • Vatican City
    • United Kingdom-British Citizen
    • Switzerland
    • Sweden
    • Spain
    • Slovenia
    • Slovak Republic
    • Republic of San Marino
    • Romania
    • Portugal
    • Poland
    • Norway
    • The Netherlands
    • Monaco
    • Malta
    • Luxembourg
    • Lithuania
    • Liechtenstein
    • Latvia
    • Italy
    • Ireland
    • Iceland
    • Hungary
    • Greece
    • Germany
    • France
    • Finland
    • Estonia
    • Denmark
    • Czech Republic
    • Cyprus
    • Croatia
    • Bulgaria
    • Belgium and
    • Australia

Note, that you will be allowed to apply for the Evisitor 651 Visa only if you pertain to any of the countries given above. This visa is primarily designed for travelers who wish to visit Australia either to travel or visit friends or family. However, some workers and students can also apply for this visa only if their circumstances are feasible enough.

Eligible applicants of the Evisitor Visa 651

Not every individual is considered eligible when it comes to applying for the evisitor visa 651. Applicants wanting to serve any of the following purposes will be considered eligible to apply for the visa subclass 651.

    • Individuals wishing to study in Australia as long as three months
    • If you wish to undertake certain business visitor activities. According to this privilege, you will be able to make conventional business inquiries as a business visitor. Aside, you can review substantial business contracts after entering into them effectively. As a business visitor, you will also be considered eligible to partake in various business meetings.

The processing time is quite fast when it comes to the application of the evisitor visa 651. In general, the Department of Home Affairs processes ninety percent of the applications within a time-frame of 85 days. Your visa will be activated from the day it has been approved to you.

Insurance requirement for e-visitor visa 651

As part of the application procedure, the 651 visa requires you to meet a number of health requirements. To meet these criteria effectively, it is imperative that you obtain valid health insurance from an authentic insurance provider in Australia. This is because you are supposed to bear all your potential medical bills while you are staying in Australia with this particular visa. So, make sure that you obtain a valid Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC). Subsequently, you can expect the utmost protection from medical conditions like emergency ambulance, pharmaceuticals or that of surgery.

Things you can do

You can do certain things with the evisitor visa 651. These include the following:

    • Train or study in Australia as long as three months under certain circumstances
    • You can undertake various types of business visitor activities
    • You can opt for a holiday trip or cruise spree as your primary reason to visit Australia with this particular visa and
    • Visit friends or that of family.

So, make sure that you obtain your visitor visa 651 right on time in assistance of the best Migration Agent in Perth. After evaluating your unique circumstances effectively, your Registered Immigration Agent Perth will suggest you the most compatible application procedure. Subsequently, your migration agent will also assist you to implement this application process in a proper manner. The best part is at the end, your visa consultant Perth will ensure the most substantial visa application for you.


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