False Weddings – Parties, Events and Celebrations

In this article, “False Weddings – Parties, Events and Celebrations” we discuss. Tired of waiting for an invitation to a wedding that never comes, 4 Argentine friends appeal to their ingenuity to create what is now a fashionable success and is imposed in more countries, the False Wedding.

The entrepreneurs of this original initiative have an event production company through which they organize and produce these False Weddings – Parties, Events and Celebrations parties, although without marriage.
These are themed parties that simulate a wedding in all its characteristics.

The proposal to recreate a marriage celebration turned out to be a very attractive, different, and fun alternative for young people and a very special one to meet people and have fun in a big way.

False Weddings - Parties, Events and Celebrations

Its creators did not err in calling it “The funniest party in the world”, where there is no shortage of the bride and groom, a judge, the witnesses, godparents, the bouquet, the guests in full dress, excellent music and setting, live music, party favors, bar free drinks, good food, as in the best wedding party.

For many, it is even better than a royal wedding as it is an event where guests can attend with their own friends.

The False Weddings – Parties, Events, and Celebrations begin with a half-hour acting of the couple, always with a very special and fun ending, followed by a flashmob, to continue with the dance, and make it more special with wedding limo Colorado.

False Weddings - Parties, Events and Celebrations

The only requirement for this social event is to dress up, be between 23 and 35 years old, and arrive wanting to enjoy a very fun and different experience.

With the virality in social networks, the concept and its dissemination for the call was a success, and what began as a thematic party for 300 people, today there are more than 700 tickets, and they are sold out immediately.

In this article, “False Weddings – Parties, Events, and Celebrations”. Although the requirement of strict etiquette could work against the project, it ended up being one of the strongest attractions of the party for men and women, who take risks in the choice of their look, losing their fear of ridicule, and wearing daring accessories such as bows, headdresses, and galleys.

The cost of a ticket to the False Boda is higher than what goes out to dance, but it is well worth the difference if what you are looking for is something fun, different, and very original.

It should also be considered that it is an event with a free drink bar, and where dinner is offered with sushi stations, tacos, and pizzas among other salty sandwiches, and dessert tables towards the end of the party. You should try the wedding planner.

A story to tell

The strongest condiment and attraction of the False Weddings – Parties, Events, and Celebrations are without a doubt, the false story that is plotted, created, and woven to justify the celebration.

The publication of the False Weddings – Parties, Events and Celebrations usually begin with a video on social networks where the alleged bride and groom tell their love story and invite the celebration.

The stories will always have a very romantic, fun, and different tint in each event, maintaining at all times a high level of entertainment and fantasy that the guests celebrate and enjoy.

For the first event, days before the date, the bride publicly communicated to the groom that she would no longer marry him, that she had already canceled the church, and notified her relatives.

She passes him the numbers for the lounge, DJ, bartending service, and catering so that he can take over canceling them. The jilted boyfriend decides to celebrate his new singleness and tells everyone that he has the party without her.

At the second party, during the civil ceremony, the bride runs off, and a wedding witness declares his love for her to end up taking the groom’s place. At another wedding, the groom declared in front of the altar that he was in love with his pedicure, and the ceremony ended up being an equal marriage.

False Weddings - Parties, Events and Celebrations

False Weddings – Parties, Events and Celebrations attendees also play through the theatricality of these fantastic stories and use them as the best excuse to connect with others.

What better way to approach someone at the party than by asking if they are friends or family of the bride or groom?


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