Airbnb Clone

Though there is much talk about the vacation rental industry brimmed with many apps, it’s not true. Even a giant like Airbnb occupies only 10-15% of the vacation rental market, whereas the other 40-50% of the market is filled by the startups that are aiming to launch an app like Airbnb. So, this directly implies that there are many chances for you to make the most profit out of this industry. 

It might leave you with the question of how you can win in this niche. But don’t you worry because this blog is going to present you with the easiest way to develop an hotel booking app like Airbnb: The ready-made Airbnb Clone app solution. Apart from trying out the methods like developing the app from scratch and hiring a development company, the smartest and most efficient way to develop any app is getting yourself an already developed solution. 

In this blog, we will see the topics like what is the Airbnb clone, its working, and its features. So without further ado, let’s dive into the blog. 

Airbnb Clone

Airbnb Clone

The app allows users to list their properties in the app so that travelers who are in need of a property to stay in could rent them. Travelers can book and make payments in just a few swipes and taps. 

Business model

  • The app bridges the gap between the travelers who want a good property and the low price and the hosters who want to rent their space to generate decent revenue. 
  • Hosts who want to rent their space for a short period, like some days or in two weeks, can list their property on the app.
  • Owners can add details like check-in and check-out times. 

Now let’s look at the workflow of the app

  • A host will list their property details like price, rules, facilities available, etc., and even with the property’s nearby attractions. 
  • Users who are searching for the rental place use the app by setting a destination, search radius, range of price and other preferences on the app.
  • When they get satisfied with a place, the users make a booking request.
  • After which, the host receives the request, and they can choose whether to accept the request or not. 
  • Once the host approves the request, the app deducts the amount from the user’s bank via the payment gateway. 
  • Once the stay of the user is over, the payment will be transferred directly to the host. 
  • Finally, the user and host review each other. 

The field has so much room for exciting ideas, innovation, and implementation, showcasing itself as an industry with maximum opportunities. That’s why our clone contains exemplary features for all the three players of the app: the traveler, the host, and the admin.

Traveler panel

  • Login
  • Search
  • Booking category
  • Accommodation booking
  • Pay online 
  • Manage booking 
  • Advanced search
  • Filter
  • Content 
  • Reminders
  • Host panel
  • Home listing
  • Listing approval
  • Manage booking request
  • Transaction history
  • Payment setting

Host panel

  • Home listing
  • Listing approval
  • Manage booking request
  • Payment setting
  • Transaction history  

Admin Panel

  • Sign in
  • Dashboard
  • User management 
  • Booking management 
  • Payment setup
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • Notifications, etc. 

What is the cost of developing an app like Airbnb?

The cost cannot be revealed because it varies depending upon the clients’ requirements. However, the factors that affect the cost are:

  • Nature of the app, whether iOS or Android or both.
  • Design
  • Features that you wish to integrate 
  • Geographical location 
  • Percentage of customization
  • The total hours of development 
  • Added plug-ins and add-ons

No matter which development method you choose, these are the factors that influence the cost. However, with Appdupe’s Clone script at your hand, you can launch the app at a highly economical price. 


So we are ready for the Airbnb Clone app development. Are you ready for that? 


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