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Explore The Beauty Of Sialkot, Pakistan With Airsial Flights

Explore The Beauty Of Sialkot, Pakistan With Airsial Flights

The people of Sialkot are very friendly to visitors. Many visitors across the country and from other countries as well visit Sialkot to see production facilities and order products. Anyone who visits this beautiful city cannot resist praising the hospitality of the people. The city has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few years. To increase exports and facilitate the flow of goods and passengers, a dry port was built in Sambrial and an international airport was built with the financial support of local businessmen.

Now the biggest news about Sialkot is that this city has its own airline and you can take AirSial flights to visit Sialkot from all the big cities of Pakistan. Below are just some of the tourist attractions that must not be missed when traveling to the city.

Iqbal House

Iqbal House or IqbalManzil is the birthplace of Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal, the greatest Muslim poet, and philosopher. IqbalManzil has now been turned into a museum where some of his personal belongings were stored and also has a library with over 4,000 books. Furniture and other items used by Allama Iqbal and his family are on display in the museum. The house of Allama Iqbal has a beautiful red and white structure. Many tourists come to Sialkot especially to visit IqbalManzil. Iqbal Manzil is one of the best places to visit in Sialkot so if you are planning to visit Sialkot with Airsial Flights this should be your priority.

Marala Headworks

You can consult with any of the renowned Pakistan travel agents to grab your Sialkot Airsial flights. One of the huge hydro-technical projects is Marala Headworks, located on the Chenab River, approximately 20 km from Sialkot. Many people visit this place because it has become a picnic and fishing spot, with the best fishing or outdoor adventure. The place has a beautiful landscape with natural beauty. There are also agricultural, wetland, and forest birds. Marala Headworks in Sialkot is a place worth seeing and it looks like a fantasy even though it’s real.

Clock Tower

Situated in the focal piece of the Saddar Bazaar, associating four streets in a single spot, stands the lovely and celebrated Clock Tower that features the magnificence of the city of Sialkot. The tower is beautifully ornate, adding an element of grandeur to the city view. It has four face clocks, each showing the time of traffic coming from a specific route. It has been restored from time to time as the Pakistani people are very careful to keep their heritage to repair any damage that can be seen on the tower to improve its appearance. You see the clock tower and travel with Airsial Flights.

ShawalaTeja Singh Temple

ShawalTeja Singh Temple is located in the eastern city of Sialkot. When Hindus have lived here and practice their religion, this temple has a 1000-year history. The area surrounding the temple is a picnic site for people. It is a perfect combination of discovering historic buildings with the beauty of nature. Built with a great deal of religiosity, it has a majestic structure. This temple in Pakistan is the only one that has a Greek appearance in its architecture. You visit the Sialkot with Airsial Flights and see the temple.

Imam Ali-ul-Haq Tomb

Imam Ali ul Haq is commonly known as Imam Sahib, was a great 13th-century saint. He is known to convert to Islam, especially many from Sialkot. He was martyred during the war with Rajah of Sialkot, and his tomb is now in the place where the city of Sialkot was martyred. The tomb is beautifully made with narrow passages that lead to a place to sit. There are beautiful maps on the walls of the path that show the pilgrims.

Behind is a cemetery where Imam Sahib’s followers respect drums, singing, and shield. There is a market outside the tomb that is so colorful and a great place to be captured with the camera.

Seerat Study Center

Seerat Study Center is a widely acclaimed research establishment that centers around the life of the Holy Prophet, situated in the Sialkot region. The Center not only conducts research on the subject but also helps spread the Prophet’s message by publishing new literature for this purpose and digitizing existing literature to be made available to all. This is an important religious institution worth visiting when traveling to Sialkot with Airsial Flights.

After the availability of the AirSial flights, Sialkot is emerging with more power than ever. It has so many things that everyone can share. You can easily plan your day trip to Sialkot as well if you’re from Lahore.


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