development of Uber

The global cannabis market which was worth $20.5 billion in 2020 will increase to a whopping $90.4 billion by 2026 growing at a rate of 28% every year.

An On-demand cannabis delivery app ensures instant delivery of recreational drugs like marijuana directly to the doorstep of users.  It offers ample revenue via paid subscription plans, advertisements, commission, and delivery charges. 

The latest developments related to Cannabis

  • Houseplant, a cannabis venture of Hollywood actor Seth Rogen, is planning to open stores in California soon. The different products offered are dried flower cannabis, pre-rolled joints, and softgel capsules.
  • The Government of Colombia is aggressively promoting the exports of cannabis flowers to different markets. The country has more than 400 companies producing medicinal, recreational cannabis, and hemp. 
  • The US State of Virginia legalized the use of marijuana and sales of the drug will start from 2024 onwards. This resulted in a huge growth in the value of cannabis stocks in the financial markets.
  •  The sales of cannabis mixed with beverages rose by 40% (a value of $95.2 million) in 2020. It is viewed as a viable alternative to alcoholic drinks. 

development of Uber

We are highly experienced in creating an Uber-like Cannabis delivery app that comprises opment of UberAndroid and iOS apps for the customers and delivery executives, and a centralized admin panel that controls the day-to-day business operations.  There are three different business models, a Delivery-focussed model, a Single-store model,  and an Aggregator model.

The key features of the On-demand cannabis delivery app

development of Uber

  • Access to an exclusive weed map displaying all the information about legal or medicinal cannabis available near the users’ location.
  • Pick-up of cannabis from the closest dispensaries and retail shops. 
  • Emergency medical consultation is available by seeking help from nearby clinics and experienced doctors. 
  • Attractive deals and offers – are present on the cannabis delivery app to buy cannabis at the cheapest price. 
  • The latest educational material – about the benefits of marijuana and updates about the legalization of marijuana in some countries is also shared with the customers. 
  • Knowledgeable videos – Video content created by regular users of cannabis is also published to clear all ambiguity and misunderstanding. 
  • Thorough background checking of the delivery executives – All the local and national laws are followed by verifying the background and personal documents of the delivery personnel before onboarding them on the on-demand cannabis delivery platform.
  • Availability of a wide variety of products – The presence of a huge number of edibles, strains, concentrates, vaporizers, sprays, and tinctures related to cannabis on the platform. 
  • Real-time display of pricing – A common dashboard displays the latest cost of different cannabis products along with information about any available discount. 
  • A personal dosing dashboard – Users can keep track of their consumption of cannabis by regularly entering the details of their intake like doze time, frequency, and amount on the dashboard. This helps them to avoid the risks of substance abuse.
  • Chemical profiling – All the ingredients used in the making of the drugs are displayed transparently on the Uber for cannabis delivery app. 
  • Customized recommendation for consumption of cannabis – Based on the previous health records of the users, experts will suggest the most ideal consumption pattern for the intake of cannabis.


The various components of the Uber-like Cannabis delivery app

Customer Section

development of Uber

  • He/She can use it to register quickly on the app. 
  • Make an online order, pay the required amount, and track it on a real-time basis. 
  • Access order history in case they want to reorder the same type of cannabis in the future. 

Delivery Executive Dashboard

  • Accept or deny delivery requests of the users.
  • Utilize the route optimization option to reach the customers’ location quickly. 
  • View the total earnings like commission and bonuses over a period and download the detailed report to their device.

Admin Panel

  • Manage the activities of drug users and delivery personnel effectively. 
  • Access the performance of the business like revenue earned, costs incurred, and profits made via analytical reports.
  • Handle both ongoing and future orders promptly. 
  • Change the pricing of drugs and the commission structure periodically. 

As seen above, there will be a big boom in the usage of cannabis with greater awareness and laws coming in place to regulate the business. Hence, this is the right time to invest in an On-demand cannabis delivery app and witness huge success soon.


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