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eCommerce App Development Cost and Features

ECommerce app development can be one right decision for retailers to shift or increase their presence in the market. We exactly know it in detail with live examples around us and post-pandemic the importance of going online.

Deciding to build an eCommerce app doesn’t close the deal with just the idea. One needs to plan, execute the vision with the right implementation process.

These implementations require research of the right IT executives that can carry forward your idea with the right mindset, along with the ability to understand your mission, vision and convert it into your desired product. But before approaching IT firms, how do we analyze the eCommerce app development cost that can estimate our budget before we step our foot in this vast online market.

Be it the eCommerce apps or any other app, various factors affect the overall development of products. Below we will take you on a little tour explaining the aspects and their importance and relevance to your product.

Factors affecting the cost of eCommerce Apps

This written piece is to make you be prepared before you connect with IT executives. It will make you familiar with the process making it easier to understand. These pointers mentioned below are the major investment factors in a product development until deployment.

Platform you choose

You can choose your eCommerce app development platform wisely according to the audience you target for your product. There are two majorly used platforms worldwide, Android and IOS. You can go for a specific platform or else if you want to have a wider reach and availability you can opt for both the options, but that will increase or maybe double the cost of the development.

Region of your developer

The region of the developers makes a huge difference as it will make you witness a difference in the costing. Region like India have affordable Mobile Application Development Services if compared to high tech cities or countries. You can grab an excellent team of experts in India and invest your money in adding more features rather than opting for a fancy country and big names.

Designing the app

Designing is another crucial part of the product as it has to be attractive, subtle and convincing to use. The experience of the users has to be great, for that one should try to go for a simple but informative designing.

Features integrated

ECommerce app development features will make you have an affordable application as it reduces the costing for extraordinary features that is one of the reasons for increase expense in the development process.

Advanced features

At times, cost cutting with features isn’t suggested as the purpose of the existence of the app should be served at any cost. These advanced features come under the mandatory list to make the app unique and for the increased user retention.

Must-have eCommerce app development features

The list of eCommerce app development features that will define your app and make it varied from other eCommerce apps in the market.

Log in/Sign up

It is a time saving process for users as it makes it easier for them to login or sign up with their current social media accounts or contact number or email address.


Alerts makes it easier for users to be informed about deals or delivery on eCommerce apps. Also, it can make them access the trends that are hitting the market and help them in placing the orders.


Searching the desired item with the keywords can save a lot of time and exempts the user from being frustrated. It can get a hold of the right product in no time.

Payment Gateway

Integrating wallets and multiple payment option with your eCommerce app allows the user to easily manage the payments with secure process.

Social sharing

Integrating different social media buttons on the UI of the apps makes it easier for users to share it with friends and family. Also, it helps the promotion of the app with the sharing features on different platforms.

Shopping bag

Providing this eCommerce app development feature of saving the item for later is convenient for the users as the product is easy to have a hold on. It is kind of reminder for the user to buy the product sooner or later.


A feature in the app that can manage to resolve queries for users on calls or messaging 24/7. The faster the response the happier the customer.

Review & ratings

An in-app features that allow user to express their reviews and experience with the app. Also, it helps in the enhancement of the product in the next version of the update.

Wrapping up

This written piece was the insight that can directly or indirectly affect your eCommerce app development process. A lot of research with the right development firm will make you have a wonderful experience with a cost-effective solution.

A team that can build an eCommerce app by understanding your demand and truly provide you with the much-awaited outcome.




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