Do's and Don'ts for Your Air Conditioner | AC Repair in Los Angeles

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Air Conditioner | AC Repair in Los Angeles

Do you know there are particular Do’s and Don’ts for your Air Conditioner?

By following these, you could live trouble-free summers in Los Angeles. 

Maintaining your air conditioner system properly and being in touch with a professional AC Repair in Los Angeles will keep your system as efficient and trouble-free as possible. 

Do’s and Don’ts for your Air Conditioner

What should you Do?

  1. Schedule air conditioning maintenance

Talk to HVAC Contractor Los Angeles about your air conditioner’s scheduled maintenance. The professionals can properly evaluate your system by keeping in mind the age, brand, and usage. They will also figure out the right time for the system’s maintenance.  

Important tip: Never mistake a maintenance contract with a service contract. There is a huge difference between the two that can save you time, money and energy. 

2. Check Your Thermostat

Since thermostats are the brain of every HVAC system, it is necessary to check the Thermostat as often as possible to ensure it is functioning correctly. The SMART Thermostat is best to use to ensure it is set for optimal cooling efficiency without any hassle. 

3. Keep your outdoor condensing unit clear

Remove obstructions and trim grass to ensure that the unit has plenty of space around to dispel heat properly. 

4. Change your filters

The air filters in your air conditioner play a significant role in providing cool and clean air inside your home. Changing and cleaning air filters regularly keep the home comfortable. If you cannot change filters, call AC Repair in Los Angeles to change them for you. If you are allergic or have some repository issues, switch to a premium air filter system – the Trane CleanEffects Air Filtration system.

5. Maintain Refrigerant Levels

Having your air conditioner unit serviced annually not only ensures proper cleaning of the system but refrigerant levels checked too. 

An improper refrigerant level causes damage to the compressor, which is considered as the heart of an air conditioning system. Therefore, no compressor, no AC and no cool air in the hot weather. 

6. Use SMART Thermostat

Many people forget to turn off their air conditioner system while they leave for work, and some intentionally keep AC on for their pets. This will not only cost you extra on energy bills but will deteriorate your system sooner. So the best option is to choose a programmable or, say, SMART thermostat for keeping your air conditioning unit on only when required. 

You can operate a SMART thermostat from anywhere and hence keep your home cool for your pets as well. 

What shouldn’t you do?

  1. Opening system on your own

Most people try to open their air conditioner system on their own to save a big chunk of money on AC Repair in Los Angeles. But they do not know that once they put their hand inside the system, they not only end up damaging its critical components and invite expensive repairs but also void its warranty. 

2. Running AC 24/7

The biggest mistake people make is keeping their Air Conditioning system all day “ON”. This will not only invite high electricity bills but reduce the efficiency of the system sooner.  

3. Patching Refrigerant Leaks

Don’t try to patch refrigerant leaks on your own instead, call a professional for AC Repair in Los Angeles. The refrigerant is quite harmful to human health; once you inhale it, you might start facing problems in breathing, nose, eyes, etc. 

4. Setting Thermostat at the lowest temperature

Don’t set your thermostat at the lowest temperature; instead, try to set temperature settings at efficient levels to get the right amount of cooling in your home. 

5. Use An Extension Cord to run AC

You shouldn’t use an extension cord to run your system. A long cord causes the voltage to drop, and as a result, the air conditioner works harder than required.  

6. Ignore Strange Noises, Smells, or Behaviors

Never ignore certain things like strange noises, smells, and abnormal behaviour of your air conditioning system as such situations sometimes alarm a big problem. Therefore, call Professional AC Repair in Los Angeles as soon as possible to fix the issue. 

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If you have more points that could resolve Do’s and Don’ts confusion for your Air Conditioner, Kindly mention them in the comment section. 

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