Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021: Way to Success

Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021


Digital marketing has undoubtedly become the mainstream for the majority of corporate establishments that want to promote their offered products and services for larger audiences.

The internet, along with social media and smartphone technology, has infiltrated our personal and professional lives to the extent where many of us simply cannot live without them.

While in this day and age, we already see a tremendous impact on digital marketing exerts, however with progressive technologies like 5G, this would become even more massive with time.

According to a recent study published by WP Forms, email marketing, when done right, has a 4400% ROI, with 49% of emails being opened on mobile devices.

Furthermore, 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers, with 98% of sales reps with 500+ LinkedIn connections meeting or surpassing sales quotas.

Moreover, over 32% of B2B marketers establish a lead nurturing strategy, with 12% of all retail sales around the globe accredited to e-commerce. Plus, 43% of e-commerce traffic coming from searches made on Google.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the best digital marketing strategies for 2021.

·        AI for Marketing


Much of our decision-making process in recent times has been infused with data-driven technologies. With companies going high and low to purchase big data from various sources to augment their marketing approaches, AI seems the natural solution to crunch those numbers and deliver marketable insights.

With its voracious appetite and untiring ability to read through huge chunks of information, AI can support marketers to improve services, find loopholes in their approaches, and invest resources to maximize yield in the coming years.

An example can be taken from, which excels in providing suggestions for your new social media posts in lieu of your marketing strategy.

·        Influencer Marketing

With the advent of social media and user-generated content websites, the world saw the rise of influencers all across the globe. From A-list celebrities to renowned social media personalities, you can easily find one for your niches online.

Businesses and corporate entities simply cannot deny that their followership is a force to be reckoned with. Hence it is viable to reach out and create friendly relationships from you with you, and they can mutually benefit from.

·        Optimizing Voice Search


Voice recognition technology has become fairly common for the masses, and it seems like growing immensely popular all over the world. Apart from users of Android and iOS devices, virtual home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa are also doing quite well.

This has led to drive the user behavior with people simply not wanting to use text or type in their searches. Hence for businesses who want to appear as the top result for voice searches should definitely optimize their content. One viable method is to use a conversational tone for your landing pages.

·        Programmatic Advertising

With the increase in the number of websites and the amount of space available for digitally displaying advertisements, we are now seeing programmatic advertising being adopted widely.

Programmatic advertising is simply buying digital advertising space offered by companies like DigitasLBi, MightyHive, and PMGL The Dev Agency, to name a few.

They offer you a portfolio of online digital marketing spaces and charge you for it whenever a user clicks on your ad.

Many of these programmatic advertising companies play on the grounds of catering to a diverse set of audiences and a variety of domains. Marketing students opting for a cheap dissertation writing service might be studying more about programmatic advertising and its implications in the coming years.

·        Social Media Stories


Social media stories or temporal content are mobile-friendly, full-screen, vertical videos or images that appear outside of your regular feed, but they last only for 24 hours before they disappear.

Today people are using social media stories more than ever and have become quite popular. Some platforms also give you access to archive these posts sot that you can view them later on as well.

An incredible amount of social media stories have started flooding the gates of social media platforms, and this has given businesses the edge to create exclusive content infused with FOMO (fear of missing out) to create urgency in the actions of users. A lot of young learners who apply for an essay editing service already use social media stories on a regular basis.

·        Tailor-Made & Personalized Marketing

People are more willing to look at personalized ads rather than generic ones. This has led companies and brands to develop tailor-made messaging for their users that are able to reflect their lifestyle choices, preferences, and personal interests.

In fact, personalized marketing is the only way forward when we talk about entering into a new era.

With people going through thousands of ads in a day, many of us have become stubborn and use ad-blockers to avoid our user experiences online being hampered.

Hence if you really want to make your ads or marketing gimmicks to standout, then brands and businesses have to deeply study their targeted audiences and deliver tailor-made efforts for each prospect.

·        Video Marketing

We have become addicted to video content, and this has given rise to binge-watching culture all over the world. Video is unquestionably the most favorite media type and content that people like to consume on a regular basis.

For businesses, it is prime time to use this behavior and deploy video marketing strategies that are able to engage and allow them to interact with their customers.  For starters running your own YouTube channel is a dandy idea.


The digital marketing landscape continues to grow with every passing moment. With more users and businesses interacting online, there is an ecosystem that exists between them and us all.

Plus, in recent times, we have also discovered just how dependent we have become on this current ecosystem to find resolutions to our various pain points and get things done.

For now, we all can just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Let’s see where tomorrow leads us. Cheers, and all the best for future endeavors!


Melissa Calvert currently works as a devoted Lifestyle Counselor at Crowd Writer and Master Thesis. She likes to surf the internet and find out about the latest discoveries made in the world of tech. During her free time, she likes to play the banjo for her loved ones.


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