Different Types of Hair Thinning Scissors in Australia

Every professional and experienced hairdresser knows what tools he needs to have in his arsenal. There are different types of scissors, hair capes, clippers, trimmers, shavers, and similar tools that he needs to have in order to call himself a professional hairdresser. In 2021, there are several types of scissors you find in Australia.

For instance, there are hair thinning scissors that are used for alleviating the excessive weight of hair, cutting hair in even sections, and softening lines. These are the types of scissors with one blade without teeth and one with teeth. Then, there are different types of hair thinning scissors you need to know. In 2021, you can find three different types of hair thinning scissors in Australia. Here are those types explained:

Types of Thinning Scissors

In this article, “Different Types of Hair Thinning Scissors in Australia”, there are three types of thinning scissors:

●    Single-Sided Shears

These are the types of thinning scissors with one blade with teeth and one very straight. These single sides shears can be used for general thinning in a few areas where the haircut is being done. They can make your hair curlier and allow you to manage thicker hair well.


●    Double-Sided Shears

These types of thinning scissors have teeth on both blades. These scissors can thin out a few portions of your hair. In addition, the hair is cut with these scissors come out in finer sections.

●    Wide Toothed Shears

These thinning scissors are for those who have very curly and thick hair. These are wide-toothed shears that are used for removing chunkier and larger hair sections. There are teeth on both blades of the scissors.

Different Types of Hair Thinning Scissors in Australia

Top 5 Thinning Scissors to Buy in Australia

1. Classic Matte Black 6.0” Hair Thinning Scissors

One of the best thinning scissors you will find in Australia. In classic black, it is a beauty and available at a very good price. The size is almost perfect for any hairdresser. There are quality blades made of quality stainless steel. There are fixed screws in the scissor.

2. 6.0” Crocodile Silver Line Professional Thinning Scissors

This silver thinning scissor can be another fantastic choice for any hairdresser and barber. In 6 inches, it is just the perfect scissor for hair thinning. It is ideal for professionals because it is durable and lasts longer with no chances of malfunctioning. Blades are made of Japanese stainless steel.

3. Professional VG10 6.5″ Black Crystal Thinning Scissors

This is another very fine thinning scissor in black crystal. It is among some of the masterpieces. The size is variable as you can get the one that suits your needs. Again, there are quality blades made of stainless steel.

4. 6.0”Green Crystal Line Professional Hair Thinning Scissors

These scissors are for the professional hairdresser. A quality scissor available at a very reasonable price. It is one of the most gorgeous scissors as well, thanks to the green color scheme. There are quality blades of stainless steel.

5. Professional Thinning Scissors 6.0″ Golden Damascus Pattern

With a size of 6 inches, this is a magnificent thinning scissor in Damascus pattern. It is a stylish and quality scissor. The screw system is fine and there is no chance for it to malfunction. A durable and quality scissor!

Where to Buy Hair Thinning Scissors in Australia?

In this article, “Different Types of Hair Thinning Scissors in Australia”, if you are looking to buy some hair thinning scissors in Australia, you are almost there. In 2021, there is no better place to buy thinning scissors than K5 International. It is a renowned and trusted brand to buy the best quality thinning scissors at the most affordable prices. Also, you will get a free delivery service in Australia!

Different Types of Hair Thinning Scissors in Australia


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